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Becoming a Better Learner

eBSI Export Academy
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The definition of learning is the process of acquiring new, or modifying existing knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences. It is a means of honing our skills, enriching our minds, and changing the way we see things in the world.

This course will help you to become a better learner, and as a result make you a more valuable employee and well-rounded individual.

You will learn:

  • what it means to learn and become a life-long learner;
  • what a mindset for learning looks like and how to adopt one;
  • how to set realistic goals;
  • what your network is and why expanding it is important;
  • how to ask questions and why that is important;
  • how to become accountable for your goals and take responsibility;
  • and how to accelerate your learning.

      Course Topics:

      Session One: Course Overview

      • Course Overview
      • Learning Objectives
      • Pre-Assignment
      • Pre-Course Assessment

      Session Two: Adopting the Best Mindset for Learning

      • What Does it Mean to Learn?
      • Adopting the Right Mindset
      • Mindset in Practice
      • Mindset Reflections
      • Practicing Mindset and Learning?

      Session Three: Taking Better Notes

      • Become a Better Learner Using Notes
      • Five Methods of Note Taking
      • How Do You Take Notes?

      Session Four: Setting and Managing Goals

      • How Do Goals Play into Learning?
      • Setting Goals Activity

      Session Five: Expanding Your Network

      • Learning About Your Network
      • Asking Questions

      Session Six: The Whole Picture

      • Becoming Accountable
      • Embracing Responsibility
      • Embracing Technology

      Session Seven: Mind and Body

      • Mind and Body Working Together

      Session Eight: How You Can Accelerate Your Learning

      • Tips to Accelerate Your Learning
      • Personal Action Plan
      • Course Summary
      • Recommended Reading List
      • Post-Course Assessment
      • Pre- and Post-Course Assessment Answer Key
      • Pre-Course Assessment
      • Post-Course Assessment
      • Assignment Answer Key
                      Becoming a Better Learner - eBSI Export Academy
                      Becoming a Better Learner - eBSI Export Academy
                      Becoming a Better Learner - eBSI Export Academy
                      Becoming a Better Learner - eBSI Export Academy

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