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Basic Business Management: Boot Camp for Business Owners

eBSI Export Academy
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With sessions on inventory management, human resources, finance and accounting, marketing, sales, and even using social networking, students will be prepared to manage their new business.

This course includes:

  • different business structures,
  • who is managing and who is leading,
  • how to create a brand,
  • and the value of a strategic plan.

    Course Topics:

    Session One: Course Overview

    Session Two: Who Are You and What Are You About?

    • What is Our Business?
    • Pre-Assignment Review
    • The Owner’s Role
    • Keeping Things Moving

    Session Three: Designing Your Organizational Structure

    • Bringing the Idea to Life
    • Leveraging Structure
    • Looking at the Options
    • Who is in Charge?
    • Structural Considerations

    Session Four: Introduction to Operations Management

    • Defining Operations Management
    • Types of Operations
    • Practical Application

    Session Five: Understanding Financial Terms

    • Accounting Terminology
    • General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
    • Key Reports

    Session Six: Getting the Right People in Place

    • Six Essential Steps of Hiring
    • Making Connections

    Session Seven: Getting Your Product Together

    • Inventory Management
    • Understanding the Value Chain
    • Outsourcing Options
    • Quality Control

    Session Eight: Building a Corporate Brand

    • Your Brand
    • Brand Names and Slogans
    • Developing a Slogan
    • Creating a Visual Identity
    • Types of Visual Identities
    • Working It Out

    Session Nine: Marketing Your Product

    • Introduction to Marketing
    • Stage One: Consumer and Market Analysis
    • Stage Two: Analyzing the Competition and Yourself
    • Stage Three: Analyzing Distribution Channels
    • Stage Four: Creating a Marketing Plan
    • Making Connections
    • The Final Stages: Implement, Evaluate, Review, and Revise
    • Leveraging Social Media

    Session Ten: Selling Your Product

    • Building Your Sales Force
    • The Sales Cycle

    Session Eleven: Planning for the Future

    • Introduction to Strategic Planning
    • Making Connections
    • The Strategic Plan Pyramid

    Session Twelve: Goal Setting and Goal Getting

    • Setting Achievable Goals
    • Goals with SPIRIT
    • Getting Into It

    Session Thirteen: Succession Planning 101

    • What is Succession Planning?
    • Defining Succession Planning

    Session Fourteen: Managing Your Money

    • What is a Budget?
    • Managing Your Budget

    Session Fifteen: Ethics 101

    • Are You Ready?
    • Sample Codes of Ethics
    • Your Code of Ethics

    Session Sixteen: Building a Strong Customer Care Team

    • The Pillars of Success
    • The Remaining Elements
    • Developing and Maintaining Relationships

    Session Seventeen: Training Employees for Success

    • Why Continuous Learning?
    • Making Connections

    Session Eighteen: Leadership Essentials

    • Leading and Managing
    • Understanding Your Comfort Zone
    • Managing Performance
    • Recommended Reading List
    • Post-Course Assessment
    • Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys
    • Personal Action Plan
                  Basic Business Management: Boot Camp for Business Owners - eBSI Export Academy
                  Basic Business Management: Boot Camp for Business Owners - eBSI Export Academy
                  Basic Business Management: Boot Camp for Business Owners - eBSI Export Academy
                  Basic Business Management: Boot Camp for Business Owners - eBSI Export Academy

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