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Asbestos Awareness Training

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Embark on a comprehensive journey to understand the world of asbestos with our Asbestos Awareness Training Course. Designed to provide a deep dive into the properties, risks, and management of asbestos, this course is an essential tool for professionals across various industries. Whether you're in construction, maintenance, or any field where asbestos exposure is a possibility, this course equips you with the knowledge to work safely and responsibly.

Course Structure:

  • Unit 1: Getting Started - Introduction to the course and its objectives, emphasizing the importance of sequential learning.
  • Unit 2: What is Asbestos? - Delve into the definition, history, and modern relevance of asbestos.
  • Unit 3: Asbestos Properties - Explore the chemical and physical properties, and why asbestos was widely used.
  • Unit 4: Health Hazards of Exposure - Understand the serious health implications of asbestos exposure including lung cancer and mesothelioma.
  • Unit 5: Operations and Asbestos Exposure - Learn about high-risk occupations and identifying asbestos in products and materials.
  • Unit 6: Asbestos Regulations - A thorough look at the legal framework governing asbestos management.
  • Unit 7: Safety Procedures and Equipment - Guidance on safe practices, personal protective equipment, and emergency procedures.
  • Unit 8: Medical Hygiene Procedures - Emphasis on decontamination, medical examinations, and hygiene practices.
  • Unit 9: Control Limits and Air Monitoring - Insights into air quality control, risk assessment, and monitoring techniques.


  • Interactive Learning: Engaging content with self-test quizzes for each topic.
  • Flexible Access: Study at your own pace, with the ability to revisit topics anytime.
  • Expert Knowledge: Gain insights from industry professionals and regulatory experts.
  • Certification: Receive a certificate upon successful completion, validating your asbestos awareness.

Who Should Enroll? This course is ideal for anyone who may encounter asbestos in their work environment, including but not limited to construction workers, building inspectors, and safety professionals.

Enroll Now Join us to become informed, aware, and prepared for handling asbestos safely. Sign up today and take a significant step towards a safer work environment!

Asbestos Awareness Training
Asbestos Awareness Training
Asbestos Awareness Training
Asbestos Awareness Training
Asbestos Awareness Training

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