Advanced Project Management

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Advanced Project Management provides participants with the critical final tools, skills and techniques that project members and emerging project managers need. Participants should already have a thorough understanding of project management, including topics such as preparing a statement of work, setting project goals, scheduling, budgeting, managing project risks, and executing a project, which can be found in Project Management Fundamentals and Intermediate Project Management training courses. Participants who have completed the three-day intensive Project Management Training course to further develop their skills do not need Advanced Project Management, except as a refresher.

This course will help you how to:

  • think critically when choosing a project team;
  • make the best of an assigned project team; help teams move through various stages to become a high-functioning unit;
  • maximize productivity at team meetings;
  • reward and motivate a team; develop and execute a communication plan;
  • communicate with sponsors and executives more effectively;
  • identify strategies for working with team members who cause problems.

Course Topics:

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Choosing the Project Team

  • Choosing the Team
  • Pre-Assignment Review
  • Four Issues to Address with Project Teams

Session Three: Building a Winning Team

  • Why is Teamwork Important?
  • The Stages of Team Development

Session Four: Managing Team Meetings

  • Starting on the Right Foot
  • Making Committees Work
  • Making Connections

Session Five: Easy Ways to Reward Your Team

Session Six: Developing a Communication Plan

  • The Five Components
  • Case Study

Session Seven: Communicating with Sponsors and Executives

  • Communication Excellence
  • Making Connections

Session Eight: Dealing with Problem Team Members

  • Developing Understanding
  • When to Walk Away
  • When Things Don’t Work
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Post-Course Assessment
  • Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys
  • Personal Action Plan
          Advanced Project Management - eBSI Export Academy
          Advanced Project Management - eBSI Export Academy
          Advanced Project Management - eBSI Export Academy
          Advanced Project Management - eBSI Export Academy

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