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Turbo charge your B2B Lead Generation efforts by gaining specific insights into the companies that visit your website.  

With our Gold Partner, Lead Forensics you will have the opportunity to gain a unique insight into your B2B leads and convert them into sales. With Lead Forensics, you can see who has visited your website and what specific pages or products they have looked at. Lead Forensics is a software tool that collects information about who has visited your website - and even identifies who the relevant decision makers in the given company are. Lead Forensics is a leader in this type of website visitor tracking. 

The key difference between Lead Forensics and normal website tracking is that this service ties the IP addresses from visitors to those of established businesses so that the actual company for which the visitor works is also revealed.  Based on this data it is then possible to draw company and decision maker data and combine it with the data from their website visit to gain insights into what their areas of interest are.

Target sales department work with effective lead generation

Take control of your sales and success by effectively meeting potential customers based on data-driven lead generation. Through Lead Forensics, you can gain concrete insight into visitors to your website, thereby identifying the most relevant leads. Your sales department can thus effectively target companies that have already shown an interest in your product and spend their efforts on a group of specific leads that are likely to engage in dialogue and lead to conversion.

 Lead Forensics is a unique lead generation tool and to gain insight into specific data that can optimize your sales processes. 

With Lead Forensics you can, among other things, get information about

  • Who visits the website in real time
  • The individual company, eg name, location, industry
  • Name and contact information of relevant decision makers in the company
  • Date, time and number of visits to the website from the same company
  • Visited pages and time spent on the website at each visit


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Partner Benefits

 Benefits for Lead Forensics Clients from eBSI Benefits for eBSI Clients from TXF
  • Lead Forensics Clients get 10% off eBSI Courses by using coupon code LF2020
  • eBSI Clients get 10% off Lead Forensics services by quoting code EBSI2020.  eBSI Clients can also avail of an extended trial of the service if 2 weeks instead of the standard 1 week trial.


More about Lead Forensics

Powerful Reporting and Filtering System

Clearly not all visits to your website are the same.  Some are more important and of greater commercial relevance than others. Therefore, you can design a wide range of specific criteria under which a lead report can be triggered, and you can even specify which sales person in your organisation should receive which reports. That way, the sales department or each account manager will only spend time on the most qualified leads. The criteria can be set based on for example,  location of the company, which pages / products they have looked at, actions on the page, number of visits etc. You can also track visits from existing customers or leads you are already in contact with - and make sure that the relevant account the manager gets the report.

With the specific data, your sales department can directly contact relevant decision makers and respond to the potential customers' interest with a targeted dialogue - because you know how they have acted on your website and what specific products or services they have shown interest in.

 Lead Forensics can also integrate with your CRM, so for example your sales staff can just keep track of leads in one place.

How does Lead Forensics work?

With a small piece of code on your website, Lead Forensics tracks which IP addresses visit the website. The IP addresses are then compared with Lead Forensics' extensive database of companies in many countries. Their database is constantly updated so that there is always true information about companies, their industry, contacts etc. Optimize your online marketing ROI and lead generation by using this information to more effectively and purposefully contact leads based on their behavior on the website. 

As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the trying so as part of our partnership with LeadForensics we have arranged for a 2 week trial of their system for anyone interested in trying them out on their website!  Just complete the form above to register your interest!