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BONUS Materials for our Major Program Participants and Graduates

We are delighted to announce a new bonus program for participants and graduates of the following online programs:

The following courses and knowledge resources are not available through our online store and are only made available to participants, graduates and new enrollments of the above premium online programs.

These bonus materials will be added to a special section of our internal course catalog exclusively available to these users.  This will mean as we create new resources and materials we will add them to this catalog and all you will need to do to access the ones you are interested in will be to select the materials of interest and 'enroll' for them free of charge through our special internal catalog exclusive to the users outlined above.

Here are the resources currently available in this exclusive bonus catalog: 

 Resource name Details
Business Automation
Objectives: This course brings learners to an overview of what Automation means and how it can impact and bring efficiencies to your business.
Unit Contents:
1. What is Automation?
2. Automation In Product Delivery
3. Automation In Customer Engagement
4. Marketing Automation

Mind Power course

This is a series of guides that will teach you everything you need to know to take mastery over your own mind.

In essence, you'll discover:

  • How to get the body you want by changing the way you think
  • How to set and achieve goals
  • How to harness the power of your emotions
  • How to gain limitless drive and motivation
  • How to overcome your fears
  • How to stay calm and collected no matter what’s happening
  • How to be smarter, more focussed and more creative
  • And much more!

Personal Transformation Mastery

In Personal Transformation Mastery, you’ll discover that you really do have untapped potential just waiting to be unleashed.

Not only that, but you’ll discover exactly the powerful techniques you can use to awaken it.

In essence, you'll discover:

  • How to become smarter
  • How to overcome fear
  • How to get what you want in your relationships
  • How to find your purpose and discover meaning in your life
  • How to avoid procrastination and gain unstoppable discipline
  • How to become more inspiring and charismatic
  • How to adopt new habits and destroy bad ones
  • How to understand your brain and make better use of it
  • How to tap into a powerful flow state and perform at your very best
  • How to fix your health and gain more energy and vitality with simple changes
  • And much more!

Success Habits

What you'll discover in this eBook:

  • Being Able to Define Success
  • Replacing Bad Habits with Good Ones  
  • Forming Permanent Habits That Will Stick
  • Getting the Confidence to be Successful
  • Identifying What Triggers Bad Habits
  • Creating Triggers for Good Habits
  • Motivating Yourself to Start the Journey
  • Motivation to Stay on Track for 30 Days
  • Overcoming Obstacles that Stand in Your Way
  • ...and much, much more!

Wired for Success

It's time to start making some different choices if you really want a change.

What you'll discover in this course:

  • How to invest in yourself and change the way others see you
  • How to change your career without risk
  • How to overcome the fears that are holding you back
  • How to discover your true passions
  • How to look after your dreams and look after your family
  • How to stand up to your boss and get what you want from them
  • Why your mindset defines your success in life
  • How the Law of Attraction works
  • How to use ‘kaizen’ and small changes
  • How to take risks and stop feeling beaten down
  • How to use ‘fear setting’
  • How to make goals and plans
  • How to know your life’s purpose
  • How to employ CBT to change the way you see the world
  • How to break out of your rut and start living a truly fulfilling and incredible life!
  • ...and much, much more!

 Cryptocurrency Essentials

Objectives: This course may bring acceptance of alternative currencies that companies are genuinely considering to invest. It will bring awareness how Cryptocurrency may change the trends of currency in today's modern world. Following this course you will have a better understanding of this growing global phenomenon.

Unit Contents:

1.What Is Cryptocurrency
2.Types Of Cryptocurrency Available
3.How To Open An Account To Invest
4.Strategies To Invest
5.How To Collect More Bitcoin
6.Why Buy Cryptocurrency
7.Are There Any Drawbacks
8.The Future Of Cryptocurrency

The Productive Solopreneur

Here are what you will learn in this guide:

    • How to manage work/life balance as a solopreneur
    • How to stay on task and work faster and harder than the competition
    • The secret to successful solopreneurship
    • How to produce the best quality work of your life
    • The easy way to reach a flow state
    • Top ways to outsource, delegate, and automate
    • How to optimize diet, sleep, and psychology to gain unstoppable energy
    • The key to a highly productive work environment
    • The powerful strategies used by top Silicon Valley CEOs
    • How to create goals and structure to work toward the ultimate work/life balance
    • How to adopt a growth mindset and acquire all the skills and abilities you need to thrive
    • Ways to sleep better, learn more, and grow as a business man or woman
    • How to stop bringing work home with you and truly enjoy life
    • + much, much more!