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Diploma in Trade for Trade Finance Professionals
Diploma in Trade for Trade Finance Professionals
Diploma in Trade for Trade Finance Professionals

Diploma in Trade for Trade Finance Professionals

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This online Diploma program covers both trade practice and trade finance in order to provide a comprehensive coverage of trade for trade finance professionals.  This program is ideal for anyone seeking to prepare themselves for either CITF or CDCS / CSDG exams from London Institute of Banking and Finance or any trade finance qualification.  It is an ideal on-boarding tool for professionals entering the Trade Finance department of banks or corporates!

Course Unit breakdown:
1 ITS-02-TCP-001 - Introduction to International Trade
2 ITS-02-TCP-002 - Export Packaging
3 ITS-02-TCP-003 - International Transport & Logistics
4 ITS-02-TCP-004 - Marine Transport
5 ITS-02-TCP-005 - International Modes of Transport
6 ITS-02-TCP-006 - Export Documentation
7 ITS-02-TCP-007 - Customs Procedures
8 ITS-02-TCP-009 - International Contracts
9 ITS-02-TCP-010 - Incoterms 2010
10 ITS-03-FIT-001 - Methods of Payment in International Trade
11 ITS-03-FIT-002 - Documentary Collections
12 ITS-03-FIT-003 - Documentary Credits Fundamentals
13 ITS-03-FIT-004 - Management of Documentary Credits
14 ITS-03-FIT-005 - Bonds & Guarantees
15 ITS-03-FIT-006 - Short and Medium Term Finance
16 ITS-03-FIT-007 - Factoring Fundamentals
17 ITS-03-FIT-008 - Export Credit Agency Finance
18 ITS-03-FIT-009 - Structured Commodity Trade Finance
19 ITS-03-FIT-010 - Trade Finance Fraud Prevention - Documentary Operations
20 DEO-04-AFIT-001 - Fraud Prevention - Other Trade Finance Products
21 DEO-04-AFIT-002 - Trade FInance Compliance 1
22 DEO-04-AFIT-003 - Trade FInance Compliance 2
As you can see this new program builds on that to offer fantastic coverage of trade practice, international transport, fraud prevention and Trade Finance Compliance!

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Extra Perks & Benefits
All courses are 100% online and are issued with a Diploma from eBSI upon successful completion.  We give 2 years access to our courses and lifetime access to our learning community where you can network and continue to discuss practical issues relating to your work with fellow graduates.  All students also get 1 year access to the professional networking site for international trade professionals established for the World Trade Centers Association.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
This diploma program is without a doubt the best online training we have ever released and we are very proud of it!  If for any reason you are unhappy with the course you can request a full refund within 60 days or transfer the course to another member of staff without any issue as long as less than half of the coursework had been completed at the time of transfer or refund.