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Creating a Google AdWords Campaign

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Many companies advertise with pay per click ads. This course focuses on the largest machine available: Google AdWords. In this course, participants will learn how Google AdWords work, what pay per click means, the importance of correctly setting an AdWord budget, how to select keywords and set up ad groups, how to design a compelling ad, and how to make adjustments to increase success.

After you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Define Google AdWords and pay per click.
  • Set up keywords lists and groups.
  • Find tracking and statistical information.
  • Describe conversions from clickthroughs.
  • Decide whether you will write your own ads or enlist help.

Course Topics:

Session One: Course Overview

  • Learning Objectives 

Session 2: Understanding AdWords Lingo

  • First Up, SEO
  • Getting To Know The Terms
  • How It Works
  • How It Works
  • AdWords Defined
  • Required Elements for an AdWords Campaign
  • How PPC Works
  • Making Connections

Session 3: Creating an AdWords Strategy

  • Planning
  • Research Your Market
  • Accessing the Keyword Tool
  • Using the Keyword Tool
  • Define Your Ideal Customer
  • Choosing Keywords
  • Bull's-Eye Keywords
  • Test Run
  • Take Two!
  • Getting Good with Keywords
  • Phrase Matches
  • Exact Matches
  • Modified Broad Matches
  • Long Tail and Short Tail
  • Understanding Ad Groups
  • Sample Plan
  • Next Steps
  • Sample Keywords List
  • Remove Clutter

Session 4: Creating a PPC Campaign

  • Setting Your PPC Budget
  • Making Connections
  • What is the Quality Score
  • What is the Quality Score
  • Quality Score Breakdown
  • Increasing Your Score

Session 5: Designing Your Ads

  • Choosing Your Language
  • The Purpose of Your Ad
  • Persuasive Techniques
  • Predictability
  • Reciprocation
  • Consistency and Commitment
  • Social Evidence
  • Authority
  • Liking
  • Scarcity
  • Self-Interest
  • Keeping Your Eyes Open
  • Structuring your Ad

Session 6: Looking at Success

  • Understanding Key Metrics
  • Conversion Rates
  • Conversion Rates
  • Higher Clickthrough Rates (CTR) Help
  • Cost Per Action Bidding
  • Setting Up Split Tests
  • Using Google’s Display Network (GDN)
  • Why Do You Need To Know About GDN
  • When to Ask for Help
  • To Be Continued
  • Case Study AdWords Express

                                                                                                                            Creating a Google AdWords Campaign
                                                                                                                            Creating a Google AdWords Campaign
                                                                                                                            Creating a Google AdWords Campaign
                                                                                                                            Creating a Google AdWords Campaign

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