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Wordpress Essentials
Wordpress Essentials
Wordpress Essentials

Wordpress Essentials

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This 3 hour CPD Accredited course teaches you the key essentials on how to use Wordpress.  You will learn how to set up and configure a Wordpress site and add basic posts, images and videos.  You will also learn how to install themes and plugins to make your Wordpress website your own.  By the time you complete and implement the learnings in this course you will have a properly functioning website ready to develop further over time.

In this 3 hour course, you will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Wordpress
  • Getting things ready
  • 3 Step Installation using Fantastico
  • How to manually install Wordpress
  • Dashboard Walkthrough
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • SEO Optimise your site
  • Categories, Links and more...
  • Widgets
  • Blog Posts
  • Uploading Images to your Post
  • Add Video