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eMail Marketing
eMail Marketing

eMail Marketing

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In this unit you will:
Learn about eMail Marketing and List Building and how they interact with each other.

This will be achieved by:
- An overview of eMail Marketing in general
- Learning how to create an email list
- Managing and growing your list
- Using Solo Ads to grow your list
- Looking at other methods of growing your list.

To gain an understanding of how to use eMail Marketing and Listbuilding in a modern internet marketing context.

Detailed Topic Listing as follows:

LU ITS EBUS 006 eMail Marketing


1.1 Potential of eMail Marketing

1.2 Groupon’s Success

1.3 Ten Benefits of eMail Marketing

1.4 Ten eMail Marketing Tools

1.5 Segmenting Your List (5:52)

1.6 eMail Marketing – Practical Tutorials

1.7 eMail Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

1.8 eMail Marketing Vs Spamming (5:58)

1.9 Where to Find Affiliate Products to Promote (2:20)


2.1 What is Listbuilding

2.2 Three Key Questions

2.3 List Building Statistics

2.4 Ten Benefits of List Building

2.5 Five Key Elements of List Building

2.6 Tips for Choosing Your Autoresponder

2.7 List Building – Practical Tutorials

2.8 Growing Your List (11:36)

2.9 Elements That Can Improve Subscriber Uptake


3.1 Solo Ads Creation and Management – Practical Tutorials

3.2 List Building with Ad Swaps and Solo Ads (1:08:18)


4.1 Growing Your List – BONUS Tutorials

Further Reading

1 – eMail Marketing Made Easy

2 – List Building Authority Guide

3 – eMail Marketing Guide

4 – eMail Marketing Secrets

5 – Untold Secrets of eMail Marketing

6 – 21 eMail Marketing Tricks

7 – List Building Made Easy

8 – List Building Guide

9 – Dominating eMail Marketing Report

Forum Assignment

End of Unit

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