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Strategic Partnership with Global Trade Jobs

eBSI Export Academy, a pioneer in delivering accredited online trade courses, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Global Trade Jobs, the premier online job platform dedicated to the international trade sector. This partnership marks a significant step in providing enhanced career support and opportunities to our students and alumni.

Global Trade Jobs has been recognized as the go-to destination for professionals seeking to advance their careers in global trade. By aligning with such a reputable platform, eBSI Export Academy reinforces its commitment to not only educate but also empower its students with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive global marketplace.

Under this new agreement, eBSI Export Academy will be the recommended training organization on Global Trade Jobs, highlighting our comprehensive range of courses that cover everything from international trade and logistics to customs compliance and e-commerce. This endorsement underlines the quality and industry relevance of our educational offerings and sets our students apart in the job market.

Conversely, Global Trade Jobs will become the recommended job platform for eBSI Export Academy users. Our students and alumni will have privileged access to a vast network of career opportunities within the trade sector, enhancing their employment prospects upon completion of their courses.

Moreover, visitors to eBSI Export Academy looking to recruit top talent will enjoy a special benefit. By using the coupon code "eBSI 25" at checkout on Global Trade Jobs, they will receive a 25% discount on the cost of posting their job vacancies. This initiative not only supports businesses in finding qualified personnel but also assists our graduates in securing positions that match their skill sets.

This partnership is expected to bring significant benefits, including further recognition for the e-learning programs of eBSI Export Academy. By connecting education directly with employment opportunities, we are closing the gap between learning and professional application, providing a seamless transition for our students from classroom to career.

For more information about eBSI Export Academy and our new partnership with Global Trade Jobs, please visit our website at 

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