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Irish Owned Burke Shipping Group establishes First European All China Inland Network

Mr. Ciaran McCann, joined the Burke Shipping Group Ireland, in 2000, as a freight and passenger manager at Terminal 2 in Dublin Port. Over the next number of years, Ciaran moved into Group Project Management and finally onto today’s position of Director at BSG Shanghai. Prior to the establishment of the company in China, Ciaran completed the Trade and Customs Practice Course offered by EBSI.

“The Trade and Customs Practice Course was extremely valuable for me in getting over overall perspective on the industry, consolidating my professional experience within the group and adding an in-depth international dimension to my knowledge base”

One example of this would be the Incoterms 2000 Module, as working on the front line of export operations from China, familiarity with Incoterms is a necessity. This coupled with other units such as documentation in international trade and customs procedures has in essence paved the way for a smooth transition from Ireland to China. I would highly recommend this course for anyone working in or wishing to work in International Trade.

Burke Shipping Group Shanghai Ltd, is a Class A Freight Forwarding Company with a NVOCC License awarded by the Chinese Ministry of Communications. Building on previous years experience of exporting from China to Ireland through agents, a decision was made in June 2007 to establish the company. Ciaran McCann began conducting interviews whilst on business travel in China, and eventually in 2007 moved to Shanghai.

“The opening of our company has enabled us to provide our customers with a greatly increased level of service, and this can be reflected through the volume of trade we have facilitated since BSG commenced in China. It has also afforded us the opportunity to look at other markets outside of the EU. We have developed an all China inland network, and are also developing further networks in South east Asia, on top of our Sino Irish, US and EU trade. It is a very exciting time to be here, and despite all the talk of global slowdown and recession in Europe, a dynamic approach to business will always prove to seek out new markets and develop relationships.” Ciaran plans to stay in China for the foreseeable future.

You can contact Ciaran, or visit their company website

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