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Do you need an e-learning solution in-house?

One major impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has been the movement of training activities online - Does your organisation need such a solution?

It may surprise you or your head of learning and development how cost effective online learning solutions can be when working with us in Integrated Learning Solutions Ltd, the company behind eBSI Export Academy

Use Our e-Learning Portal

If you have a small group of staff that need a structured environment within which you want them to engage in continuous professional development, or a specific curriculum or programme, we can offer you our main e-learning portal where we can create a group and specific access to desired courses and create a manager account for your training manager to monitor, report and assign/manage courses as needed. You can even include any needed learning assets within your own organisation. Just let us know what you need and we will scope it out for you!

Need Your Own e-Learning Portal?

If you have a larger group of participants (usually over 200 users) or you want a specifically branded and customised e-learning portal with your own learning assets along with ours, and custom certifications and notifications, multiple managers for different departments or user profiles, then you can have your own custom branded e-learning portal set up for your organisation. We can offer integration with your HRIS system and other external integrations as well as any other associated services you may need to get your corporate e-learning portal up and running! Get the full benefits of cloud based trackable learning. Again, reply to this email and let us know what you need and we will give you our most competitive offer!

Need Something for your Members?

We can offer all of the above PLUS membership levels, member pricing and management for your e-learning portal for Chambers of Commerce, Export Associations, International Trade Promotion Organisations and similar entities.

Take the headaches away!

If you have your own server and learning management system you may be enjoying a false economy... every update is a potential point of failure, what if your server goes down? What if you are hacked? All our e-learning portal infrastructure is hosted and managed by who have won numerous awards for their reliability and advanced technology. You will be in safe hands! And you will have access to our growing library of Continuous Professional Development courses at your disposal as part of your package! With nearly 350 courses already and a further 50 planned for this year we will continue to add value to our relationship every day.

21 Years of Experience

Try out our main portal and see if the system fits your needs, if you need any advice we have over 21 years experience and are happy to share our knowledge and advice.

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