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Corona Virus Advice and Response

eBSI Export Academy and our COVID-19 Corona Virus Response

In this unsettling time for everyone in the world as the spread of the Corona Virus COVID-19 manifests itself as the most serious health security threat in over 100 years we want to first of all express our heartfelt condolences to those who have lost and are yet to lose loved ones during this crisis.

We also want to express our deepest gratitude to all the front line workers involved in both combatting the disease in the medical profession but also those who continue to make life as close to normal as possible by keeping the lights on, collecting our refuse, policing our streets, maintaining our public transport, ensuring the continuance of our supply chains and those keeping the shelves stocked and serving nervous customers in food and retail around the world.

Remember the SME's 

It is estimated that the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic could be up to $3 trillion before we see normality restored.  The hardest hit have been SME's around the world who have seen their business disappear overnight and many most likely are with limited financial reserves to survive the time needed to restore normality to the markets.  Its not the airlines and apples of the world that are going to see their futures imperilled it will be mom and pop Small and Medium Sized Enterprises that will need consumer support in this time of crisis.

eBSI Export Academy's Response

While we are an SME with limited resources we want to do our bit to help in what we can to meet this global challenge.

New Blog : Corona Virus - COVID-19 Monitor

New Page : eBSI Export Academy and our COVID-19 Virus Response

We have also expanded on this blog post to a full page of info which you can find at which includes more info about what you can do to play your part in the global response.

New Pricing : 50% to 75% off course fees.

We have also reduced all our course fees dramatically to ensure our pricing is as accessible to all as possible as well as expanded our course offering from 250 to 340 courses and the numbers keep increasing as we release more CPD Accredited short courses!  


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