Essential Fact of the Month: Decision to Exhibit

Exporters use International Fairs both to open new markets as well as to launch new products or support the work of their distributors. Participation in the fair will be defined in the International Marketing plan developed by the company. It will have established which fairs the company should attend and will establish the budget available for the fair. Participation in a trade fair abroad is expensive and for this reason the company should establish precisely the goals to be obtained from attending. 

What factors should influence our decision to attend a trade fair?

Exporters should carry out the following appraisal before committing themselves to space at an exhibition or trade fair:

(a) Who are the organisers and what experience have they had? Obtain references from exhibitors at previous events. 
(b) Are the dates/timing acceptable? 
(c) How much, and what type of, publicity will the event receive? Compare the level of publicity with previous events by the same organiser. 
(d) Is there any trade body or trade publication sponsorship? 
(e) Is your organisation directly involved in the particular trade sector or on the periphery? 
(f) What are the entry controls on delegates? 
(g) What results would you expect to achieve? 
(h) How sophisticated is the venue and how good are the communications – is there an airport nearby? 
(i) What is the cost? Is Enterprise Ireland funding available?

More information on exhibiting in trade fairs or consumer exhibition can be found in Irish Exporters: Essential Facts. Email for more information or a FREE 14 days online trial.

Irish Exporters: Essential Facts is published by Round Hall Professional Publishing and written and edited by the Irish Exporters Association

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