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Workshop on Transport Articles: UCP-600 & Inauguration of Documentary Credit Forum, Chittagong

On 21st March, 2008 a workshop on the Transport Documents Articles of UCP-600 was delivered by eBSI and IFC FIT Initiative local tutor Mr. Md. Bakhteyer Hossain.

This workshop also saw the launch of the “Documentary Credit Forum, Chittagong”, comprising 35 banker members working in the Trade Finance area from 14 Banks in Chittagong. The Documentary Credit Forum, Chittagong has been established with an objective to develop Trade Finance skills among professionals at regional level. Chittagong is the main port city and Business capital of Bangladesh.

This is the first time that such a forum has been formed in Bangladesh. There is no such Forum in the capital city of Dhaka. A.T.M. Nesaruddin, Senior Officer of Bank Asia Ltd., also delivered an engaging presentation on “Exclusion of Articles of UCP-600: A Troublesome Trend”.

The forum generated lot of enthusiasm among Trade Finance people in Chittagong.

Participants at seminar conducted by Md. Bakhteyer Hossain in Agrabad, Chittagong at the launch of the Documentary Credit Forum, Chittagong.

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