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China Systems, the leading trade finance solution provider and sponsor of the International Trade Specialist ‘Best Project’ award, held in conjunction with the electronic Business School International a number of interaction events with trade finance professionals in a number of countries during the final months of 2003. The lead facilitator for the events was eBSI’s own First Director, Mr. Vincent O’Brien.

11 September – ICC Budapest, Hungary

More than 40 international trade professionals participated in this event which was organised in association with the Hungarian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Lajos Kustos, Secretary General of ICC Hungary first introduced Mr.Vincent O’Brien, First Director of eBSI. Mr. O’Brien delivered an engaging presentation which combined practical case material on ISBP (International Standard Banking Practice) and highlight extracts from the LC Market Intelligence Survey 2003.

Following the formal presentations, China Systems hosted a cocktail reception for participants which according to Mr. Lajos Kustos “facilitated an active exchange of ideas”.

Mr. Lajos Kustos, Secretary General ICC Hungary with presenters and participants at China Systems Interaction Event in Budapest

Mr.Vincent O’Brien, First Director of eBSI, delivered a technical briefing on the practical use of independent bank undertakings in International Trade.

The event was attended by 45 participants from 15 banks as well as senior executives from international trading companies, legal firms and shipping companies.
China Systems hosted a special networking lunch for the participants.

Part of the seminar focused on the use of technology such as Customer Access from China Systems to facilitate international trade finance both in the context of banking operations and in order to deliver tangible e-business benefits to a bank’s trading customers.

Mr. Vincent O’Brien and participants at ‘Independent Bank Undertakings for International Trade’ seminar in Bratislava, Slovakia on 28 October 2003

The International Chamber of Commerce Czech National Committee in Prague, Czech Republic, held a technical seminar dealing with developments in connection with the ‘Electronic Letter of Credit’ at the historic premises of the Czech Banking Association.

Mr. Pavel Andrle, Secretary to the Banking Commission of ICC Czech Republic, a leading Czech expert in trade finance and author of the best selling book ‘Documentary Credits in Practice’, delivered the core seminar material.

Mr.Vincent O’Brien, First Director of eBSI and a member of the eUCP working group, attended as special guest. Mr. O’Brien’s presentation addressed key problem areas that challenge the use of electronic documents in international trade finance. After significant group discussion Mr.O’Brien outlined a number of possible solutions to the facilitation of electronic exchange of commercial documents.

As part of the case study session, Mr. Tony Marks delivered a simulation of issuing a Documentary Credit by remote Internet access. Participants were quite impressed to see that the whole process from customer applicant on through credit approval, to issuance of Credit in SWIFT MT700 format could be achieved in a matter of minutes. This demonstrated the efficiency and benefits that can be achieved through Internet based trade finance solutions.

The seminar was attended by 30 professionals from the banking, insurance and trade sectors.

On the evening of 13 November China Systems held an ‘Interaction Event’, again at the prestigious facilities of the Czech Bank Association. This event attracted senior management from the leading foreign and domestic banks operating in the Czech Republic.

Mr. Vladimir Prokop, Managing Director of ICC Czech Republic, chaired the event which involved presentations by Mr.Vincent O’Brien and Mr.Tony Marks.
The event was followed by a very enjoyable cocktail reception hosted by China Systems.

Mr. Martin Festa, International Banking Manager of HSBC CZ; Mr.Vincent O’Brien, First Director, eBSI, Ireland; Mr.Vladimir Prokop, Managing Director ICC CZ; Mr.Tony Marks, Business Development Manager China Systems Europe and Mr. Vaclav Kettner of HVB Bank Czech Republic



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