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Induction Seminar of the IFC FIT Initiative

On 24st March, 2008 the Bangladesh roll out of the IFC FIT Initiative was launched!

One of the first steps in this program was to arrange an induction seminar to provide participants with the course materials they would be using over the 3 months of their studies and to take them through the procedures for using the online and CD ROM based course materials.

Local Tutor Md. Bakhteyer Hossain, ICC Bangladesh President Mr. Mahbubar Rahman and ICC Bangladesh Secretary Mr. Ataur Rahman at the induction seminar for Bangladeshi participants of the IFC FIT Initiative.

IFC FIT Initiative participants listening attentively as the program study methodology is explained to them.

Participants are given their CD ROM materials at the conclusion of the induction seminar… next time they would meet would be online on the IFC Global Trade Finance Campus!

IFC FIT Initiative is hosting the online collaboration for this forum at where members can engage in private discussions, post events and share opinions. Join today!

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