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The recent ICC Banking Commission meeting was held in Orlando USA on 22 and 23 September 2010. This meeting was the final meeting chaired by Ms. Regina Prehofer with this important position passing to Kah Chye

Tan, Global Head of Corporate Cash and Trade, Standard Chartered Bank. The meeting had as it’s theme ‘The Future of Trade Finance’ and was one of the best attended meetings in the long history of the ICC Banking Commission. This meeting was geared towards practical issues affecting trade. The achievements of the The ICC-ADB Register on Trade & Finance were discussed. There was a very interactive session as usual on the Draft Official Opinions of the Banking Commission.

The panel exploring the role of multilateral development banks as engines of growth, including participation from the World Bank, EBRD, ADB, IADB and the IFC, heightened the awareness of the critical supports provided by the development banks trade facilitation programs to the poorest countries during times of crisis. A highlight of the event was a focused discussion on the SWIFT BPO led by David Hennah (SWIFT) with practical inputs and examples from Neil Chantry (HSBC) and Xiong Yuanmeng (Bank of China). The last but by no means least presentation involved Vincent O’Brien updating the audience on the progress of the ICC’s Market Intelligence Working Group (MIG), whose latest research document ‘Rethinking Trade Finance 2010’ has received widespread acclaim from around the World.

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