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Graduation Ceremony IFC FIT Initiative in Dhaka

On 3rd December, 2008 the first Graduation Ceremony of the IFC FIT Initiative was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh!

eBSI First Director, Mr. Vincent O’Brien oversaw the Graduation ceremony with the assistance of Local Coordinator Mr. Bakhteyer Hossain.

Over 50 Bangladeshi professionals mainly from the Banking Sector graduated at this highly successful event!

Graduates received their ICC UCP 600 Certificates and a Certificate in Finance of International Trade from the Institute of Export at the events. Two such Graduates, Mr Omar Faruque Khan and Mr. Kazi Quamrul Islam are pictured above with Vincent O’Brien at the event.

IFC FIT Initiative is hosting the online collaboration for this forum at where members can engage in private discussions, post events and share opinions. Join today!

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