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How does Corona Virus (Covid-19) compare to Spanish Flu?

While researching reliable sources of information and analysis on Covid-19 i found a very interesting video on YouTube from Curious Droid's channel which from my own knowledge and research corroborates all of the most reliable theories around this subject.  I have therefore decided to share it here on our Covid-19 Monitor.


The last we saw a truly worldwide pandemic was the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak just over 100 years ago but how does it compare to the current Covid-19 situation. We know that Spanish Flu infected about 30% of the then world population of 1.8 billion and went on the kill somewhere between 13.5 to 50 million depending on how you interpret the data. 

It's virtually impossible that this would happen again as we know far more than we did then and have antibiotics for pneumonia and experimental antiviral drugs, even though we don't have a vaccine yet. We are working together rather than fighting the first world war as they were when the Spanish Flu outbreak started.

Useful references: 

WHO Covid-19 worldwide cases daily update map.

Chinese report into the Wuhan outbreak with statistics.
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