Comedy Therapy for Corona Virus - Covid-19

The Corona Virus is a horrifying disease and we don't want to diminish the gravity of the situation in which we all find ourselves... however sometimes it helps to take a lighter look on difficult situations to help cope with them.

In this blog we will try to compile some humorous contributions from around the world which either inform in an entertaining way or allow us all to blow off some steam.

This post will be updated as and when possible so do drop by again to see any updates.

Latest update: 3 April 2020

John Oliver on Corona Virus episode 1

March 2, 2020: As coronavirus spreads to the US, John Oliver discusses what’s being done to fight the illness, what’s gone wrong, and how to stay safe.

John Oliver on Corona Virus episode 2

March 16, 2020: As the spread of coronavirus worsens in the US, John Oliver discusses how the government is handling the outbreak, how they’re not, and what we can do to help.  - I have to admit it is amazing how much one misses the audience reaction and canned laughs when they are not there.

John Oliver on Corona Virus episode 3

March 30, 2020: As the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, John Oliver discusses President Trump’s inconsistent response to the pandemic, including his suggestion of an Easter deadline for sending America back to work, and his reluctance to use the Defense Production Act.

John Oliver on Corona Virus episode 4

 April 13, 2020: John Oliver discusses how Coronavirus is impacting the US workforce, from mass unemployment to the problems faced by essential workers.



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