Jonathan Pie's reports on Brexit

Even though it has hugely significant ramifications - sometimes one needs to take a humour break while all this Brexit chaos unfolds... here are Brexit related rants from Jonathan pie for just that reason!  If you are easily offended by bad language and grubby metaphors don't view these videos.  However if you want some shock humour commentary from British Left perspective then enjoy!


Feb 28, 2016: Pie for once doesn't appear to have an opinion...well he does of course...all politicians are dicks...and Belgian waffles are nice!

Brexit Means Brexit

 Oct 30, 2016: Brexit means Brexit! Why? Because democracy means democracy.

Bored with Brexit?

Dec 18, 2016: Pie rails against what he perceives to be a lack of respect for democracy.

Marching into Brexit

Apr 2, 2017: Pie goes off message with a rant at the anti-Brexit movement.

The Brexit Problem

Sep 3, 2017: Has anyone got a Brexit strategy? 

The Big Brexit Speech

 Sep 24, 2017: Pie is very very bored of Brexit.

Breaking News: All Leave Voters are Thick

Jun 18, 2018: Brexit is wearing a bit thin

Brexit is Dying

Jul 10, 2018: Brexit is officially a cluster f**k!  Warning: even for Jonathan Pie this one has a lot of bad language.

Cameron's Brexit

Nov 18, 2018: Pie takes a look at how Brexit is getting on.

Brexit: The Final Straight?

 Dec 9, 2018: Pie says NO DEAL is better than MAY'S DEAL.

 Brexit and the Spayed Parliament

 Feb 1, 2019: Westminster has ceased to function.

A Special Corner of HELL!

Feb 9, 2019: Pie wonders if ALL politicians are heading straight to hell.

Brexit: What the f**ks going on?

Mar 22, 2019: By taking back control the UK has shown that it's out of control.

 The Brexit Question

 Aug 12, 2019: Will a no deal signal the end of the United Kingdom?

Brexit Day!

January 31, 2020: The Dawn of a new era is marked by The Tories lying through their teeth and remainers insulting everyone who voted differently to them. So exactly the same as the last era.

Jonathan Pie's HARD BREXIT

February 5, 2020: 

When Pie reports on a UKIP protest march he finds himself at the centre of a twitter-storm which threatens his reputation and career.


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