Wordpress Expert - eBSI Export Academy
Wordpress Expert - eBSI Export Academy
Wordpress Expert - eBSI Export Academy
Wordpress Expert - eBSI Export Academy


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Wordpress Expert

eBSI Export Academy
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Wordpress Expert

Objectives: In this unit you will learn about expert level techniques needed to bring your Wordpress site to optimum performance.

Completing this course will confer 4 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Course Contents:

1.1. Comparing Softaculous vs Fantastico
1.2. Softaculous Walk Through
1.3. Overview of Scripts in Softaculous
1.4. How to Install WordPress
1.5. How to Edit Installation Details
1.6. How to Backup Installed Software
1.7. How to Uninstall Software

2. Layers WP
2.1. Why you want to use LayersWP
2.2. How to Install Layers WP via WordPress
2.3. Quick Overview of the Layers Dashboard
2.4. Explanation of Layout
2.5. Customization of the Layers Settings
2.6. Creating Layers Page(s)
2.7. Adding Layers to the Page(s)
2.8. How to Add a Slider Layer
2.9. How to Add a Video / Media Layer
2.10. How to Add a Layer with Custom HTML code
2.11. How to Install a Layers WP Child Theme
2.12. How to Import a Style Kits (aka extra layers)
2.13. How to Install Extensions
2.14. How to Hide “Built with Layers” Icon

3. Backup and Restore
Part 1: Backup
3.1. Backup Software and why they're needed
3.2. How to Install and Quick Overview
3.3. Setup Storage
3.4. How to Set Automatic Schedules
3.5. How to do a Test Backup
Part 2: Restore
3.6. How to Upload Files
3.7. How to Create a MySQL Database
3.8. How to Restore the Backup

4. eCommerce Planning and Implementation
Part 1: Planning Your Online Ecommerce Store
4.1. Overview of The Course
4.2. Types of ecommerce (Digital vs. Physical)
4.3. Examples of Digital Ecommerce Stores
4.4. Platforms to Integrate Into
4.5. EDD Membership sites?
4.6. EDD Marketplaces?
4.7. Get Ideas: ecommerce Competitor Intelligence
4.8. Map Out Your Draft Sales Funnel
4.9. Finding Compatible - EDD Themes
4.10. EDD Extensions: Payment Processors
4.11. EDD Extensions: Must Have
4.12. EDD Extensions: Increase Your Profit
4.13. Finalize your Sales Funnel Map
Part 2: Implementation
4.14. Install Easy Digital Downloads
4.15. Quick Overview of EDD
4.16. Creating Downloads
4.17. Create Thank You Pages
4.18. Integrate EDD into Your Theme

5. Prezi Presentations
5.01 How to Create Engaging Presentations
5.02 Prezi Next New Features
5.03 Prezi Structure - How to start your Prezi presentation
5.04 Dress up your presentations with infographics, charts and maps
5.05 How to build a Prezi from scratch
5.06 Editing and Customization
5.07 Shortcut Keys
5.08 Adding Voice Over and Background Sounds
5.09 Collaborating via Prezi

6. Generate Leads with Surveys
6.1. Introduction and Getting Started
6.2. Listening vs Speaking
6.3. Your End Goal
6.4. Your Product and Service
6.5. The Buyer that Fits
6.6. The Typical Day
6.7. The Survey Form
6.8. The Mind Map
6.9. Implementation to Segmentation 

7. Facebook Page Likes
7.1. Quality vs Quantity
7.2. Process of Getting Targeted Likes
7.3. Winning Strategy
7.4. 5 Minute Content
7.5. Kill 2 Birds with one Stone
7.6. Set Up your Facebook Ad Campaign
7.7. How to set up your ad sets
7.8. Finishing your Ad