Mobbing in the Workplace

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You may be familiar with bullying, but mobbing is different for a few reasons. One of the things that sets it apart is how many people it involves, either by direct action or inaction, and how it spreads among people you might not expect to become bullies.

This course explores the topic, including:

  • the differences between bullying and mobbing, group aggression,
  • how it hurts the victim and the workplace,
  • how to deal with it, how to make your workplace mobbing-resistant,
  • and how to create a policy that addresses the issue.

                      Course Topics:

                      Session One: Course Overview

                      • Learning Objectives
                      • Pre-Assignment
                      • Pre-Course Assessment

                      Session Two: What is Mobbing?

                      • What and Why?
                      • A Mobbing Scenario
                      • Drawing Examples
                      • Stats
                      • Mobbing Reflection

                      Session Three: Why Do We Turn on Each Other?

                      • Hierarchies
                      • Tendencies
                      • Influences
                      • Toxic Workplaces

                      Session Four: Mobbing Hurts

                      • How Does Mobbing Hurt?
                      • Reflection

                      Session Five: How to Deal with Mobbing

                      • As the Victim
                      • Stress Relief
                      • As a Co-worker
                      • Role Play Activity

                      Session Six: Watch For It

                      • What Can Leadership Do?
                      • Halting Mobbing
                      • Workplace Health Check
                      • A Reflection on Your Workplace

                      Session Seven: Make Your Own Policy

                      • Creating Anti-Mobbing Policies
                      • Writing the Policy
                      • Educating Staff
                      • Implementing and Enforcing Anti-Bullying Policies

                      Lessons for the Workplace

                      • Personal Action Plan
                      • Course Summary
                      • Recommended Reading List
                                              Mobbing in the Workplace - eBSI Export Academy
                                              Mobbing in the Workplace - eBSI Export Academy
                                              Mobbing in the Workplace - eBSI Export Academy
                                              Mobbing in the Workplace

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