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Hong Kong Annual LC Survey Conference 2011

The 2011 Hong Kong Annual LC Survey Conference was held at the Hotel Regal, Kowloon on 16th July 2011. This was thefirst IIBLP Survey in which eBSI Partnered with IIBLP, the leading legal authority on trade finance instruments. Among the over 107 trade finance professionals attending the Survey in Hong Kong was Mr. Soh Chee Seng, a leadubg contributor at these prestigious international events. The Annual Survey is the premier LC event of the Year.

It is the only truly global forum dedicated to letters of credit. With its unique combination of moderators, panelists, attendees and materials, the Annual Survey offers an unsurpassed networking opportunity, placing you face-to-face with over 100 of the leading LC professionals from every discipline in the industry. Running for over a decade, the sessions are attended by over 500 letter of credit professionals from banks, law firms, corporations and universities throughout the world.

The Annual Survey provides the ultimate forum for the exchange of practical information and views on LCs. Each topic is moderated by one of the world’s top experts and referred to the panel of experts for an interactive discussion in which audience participation is strongly encouraged.

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