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Specialists in Trade Certifications for 14 years!
eBSI Export Academy, is a leading Online Trade Training Academy based in Ireland and with thousands of graduates in over 70 countries around the world.
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eBSI Export Academy specialises in the delivery of Certified International Trade and Trade Finance Certification Programs leading to certification from the Institute of Export UKeBSI has been training corporates and banks for 14 years including regular collaborations with the major International Finance Institutions. Click here to view some of the organisations that have benefittied from our training.
We are the lead partner in delivering a Finance of International Trade Online Certification for emerging market issuing banks of the International Finance Corporation through their IFC FIT Initiative which has now over 700 graduates in 9 countries in Africa and Asia. 

Programs offered include:

International Trade Specialist Accreditation
- an 8 month online certification program leading to an Advanced Certificate in International Trade covering the 4 key operational areas of International Trade:-
  • Export Marketing
  • Customs and Documentation
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Methods of Payment and Trade Finance
Each of these core modules can be taken separately as stand-alone courses with certificates of completion.

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Diploma in Export Operations
This is a continuation year from the ITS Accreditation which includes more management oriented subjects including:
  • Export Marketing Management
  • International Channel Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Law of International Trade
  • International Trade Thesis focused on an actual business problem or a new target market for the participant.
This second year is designed to build on the operational expertise acquired in the ITS Program.
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Finance of International Trade Certification
This is the most popular course in eBSI's portfolio of training both thanks to its use in the IFC FIT Initiative Certification Program and the fact that over a third of eBSI's course enrolments from from Trade Banks and covers:
  • Documentary Credits and Collections
  • Bonds & Guarantees
  • Factoring, Forfaiting and Invoice Discounting
  • Complex Transactions
  • ECAs, Warehouse Finance, and more!
This course is both a module of the ITS Accreditation and can be taken as a stand alone course.
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To view all the courses available please visit eBSI Export Academy's Course Catalog
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Instant Access to our Online Courses
To gain instant access to any of our courses is as simple as registering on our site, purchase the course you want, and provide us with your exact spelling of your name (so we get it right on your certificate) and give us your mobile number if you wish to receive SMS notifications and you will be assigned the course of your choice immediately after payment!  It couldn't be  easier or more user friendly!
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Corporate Training
eBSI also offers a series of short online learning units for custom short courses as well as special group licenses for banks and corporates.

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Further information or inquiries about group bookings can be obtained from:

Thomas Smith MIEx, ITS, DEO  email:
eBSI Export Academy
Tel: +353 94 9377619      Skype: ebsikiltimagh  SMS: +353 87 6783785
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If you would like to find out more information about any of our courses feel free to complete the form below and we will contact you to with any info you need to decide to enrol in our courses.

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  • review14Having worked in the international banking sector in Pakistan for many years I found the practical approach to Mr. O’Brien’s school and the clear content of the CD ROMS and Online Sessions to be of great value. I recommend this programme to anyone working working with Importers, Exporters and in International Banking in general. The support from the Online Campus is second to none!

    pakistan Umar Farooq, Trade Finance Consultant,Former UNCTAD National Consultant in Documentary Credits, Pakistan
    ITS Graduate


  • review13The course material was informative, interesting and incredibly detailed. The materials's were fun to use, and very user friendly. I interacted with the Learning Guides and staff on an almost daily basis, the response was always swift and courteous.

    usa Monica Denham, Web Designer, Henniker, USA
    ITS Graduate


  • Thomas Smith knows his subject very well. He articulates his thoughts in a very communicative manner through his notes for us to understand the subject very well. When you have read his notes, you don't need to look anywhere else for clarifications - very thorough and precise! Look forward to more online classes with him.”

    flag1 Krishnakumar Duraiswamy

    Head of Trade Finance - Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, UAE


    Thomas Smith knows his subject very well. He articulates his thoughts in a very communicative manner through his notes for us to understand the subject very well. When you have read his notes, you don't need to look anywhere else for clarifications - very thorough and precise! Look forward to more online classes with him.” July 30, 2007


    Krishnakumar Duraiswamy

    Director - Corporate Product Manager at Standard Chartered Bank

  • review7For me the best part of the programme was the interaction between the participants from the various professional disciplines of international trade, including exporters, importers, bankers, forwarders, marketeers, customs and other professionals. This blending of structured interactive content with online tutorials from highly experienced practitioners develops a network of trade contacts that lasts long after completion of the programme.

    ireland Dave Popham, International Trade and Banking Consultant, Ireland
    ITS Graduate


  • testmelvinbamuhI wanted to thank you for your time and effort in teaching a course with such an extensive array of topics! The International Trade Specialist Accreditation Programme has at last given me the chance to learn and implement new skills in the area of International Trade and Finance as well as interesting components on Marketing and eBusiness. You have indeed opened my eyes to a world of new possibilities for my career, for which I thank you.

    cameroon Melvin Bamuh, Consumer Banking Manager, Union Bank – Douala, Cameroon.
    ITS Graduate

  • testibokoI am currently undertaking the international trade specialist course delivered by elearning by the electronic business school of Ireland. It so far I can say that I like the course materials and the online support structure which allows me to fit my learning in when it is convenient for me. This is especially important for me given my many tasks in Nigerian Export Import Bank and other activities. I find the Finance course especially practical since I can post technical questions on forums and receive replies from ICC experts.

    nigeria Dr. Iboko Imo Iboko, Director, Nigerian Export Import Bank, Abuja, Nigeria
    ITS Graduate

  • review9I express my sincere thanks and appreciation for eBSI support during the ITS Accreditation. Substantial savings achieved at "Magna Donnelly" are a direct result of knowledge gained from the course. Recognition for the quality course content is acknowledged at corporate level in the US and Canada.

    China Systems Best project Award Winner

    ireland Tom Grace, Materials Planner, Magna Donnelly, Naas, Ireland.
    ITS Graduate


  • “The eBSI course I followed changed my mind about remote learning; unlike some of the boring, largely unmotivating training I had taken previously, I found this course very stimulating and it encouraged me to delve even more into the complex area of global trade. Though I have never met Thomas personally, I feel I know him well through the interactive sessions and easy telephone/email access when and as needed. He comes across as a dynamic person, very knowledgeable in his area and who constantly strives to enrich and improve the approach to remote learning

    flags_of_France Margaret Giuliani, Supply Chain Strategy Manager/ Domain Expert,
    EMEA at Oracle



  • <head> head>
    zakir Whenever I needed any sort of assistance during my course (FIT) I found the tutors to be always there and ready to help - its the sort of assitance Elearners
    always look for.”
    Zakir Lasker, Head of Finance &amp; Commercial at AG, Bangladesh.

  • test_ifetiniucThe ITS Accreditation was very beneficial for upgrading my business skills. I have got an Executive MBA in 1998, and I was looking for a certified program in the field of international trade that should be comprehensive, of high quality, with top faculties available anytime for whatever questions you might get in your project work, or training sessions. The eBSI was the right school for me. I was exciting to observe and take part in the creation of an international mindset. I had fun, every on-line session I spent enriched me with good business knowledge and understanding of people and cultures.

    moldova Igor Fetiniuc, Deputy Director of Competitiveness and Productivy Centre, Moldova
    ITS Graduate


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