OneNote 2016 - eBSI Export Academy
OneNote 2016 - eBSI Export Academy
OneNote 2016 - eBSI Export Academy


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OneNote 2016

eBSI Export Academy
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OneNote 2016 is Microsoft’s note-taking and organizational application and this latest version incorporates a refined page hierarchy, better searching options, automatic links to pasted content, task integration with Outlook, and a variety of new sharing options to make working with others easier. This course covers different features of the interface, shows users how to print, and examines the basics of formatting.

                            Course Topics:

                            Lesson 1. Adding Content and Formats to a OneNote Notebook

                            TOPIC A: Modify Formatting in a Notebook

                            • Styles
                            • Text Formatting Options
                            • The Format Painter
                            • Paste Options
                            • Create a List from Text
                            • Activity: Modifying Formatting

                            TOPIC B: Add Images to a Notebook

                            • Insert a Picture from a File
                            • Insert Online Pictures
                            • Insert a Screenshot
                            • Set an Image as the Background
                            • Activity: Adding Images to a Notebook

                            TOPIC C: Add Tables to a Notebook

                            • Inserting Tables
                            • Modifying the Table
                            • Using the Table Tools – Layout Tab
                            • Converting a Table to an Excel Spreadsheet
                            • Activity: Adding Tables to a Notebook

                            TOPIC D: Add Audio and Video to a Notebook

                            • Inserting an Audio or Video File from Your Computer
                            • Recording an Audio File
                            • Recording a Video File
                            • Contextual Audio and Video Notes
                            • Activity: Adding Audio and Video to a Notebook

                            TOPIC E: Add Quick Notes and Links

                            • Quick Notes
                            • Linked Notes
                            • OneNote Integrated Applications
                            • Taking Notes with Microsoft Edge
                            • Wiki Links
                            • Activity: Adding Quick Notes and Links

                            TOPIC F: Use Tags, Symbols, Drawing Tools, and Pen Options

                            • Tags
                            • Symbols
                            • Drawing Tools
                            • Pen Mode
                            • New Pen Features for the Tablet User
                            • Activity: Adding Tags to Help Locate Notes
                            • Summary

                            Lesson 2. Exploring Notebook Structure

                            TOPIC A: Navigate the OneNote 2016 Environment

                            • The OneNote Workspace
                            • The Notebook
                            • Containers
                            • The OneNote Ribbon
                            • Activity: Navigating the OneNote 2016 Environment

                            TOPIC B: Create a Notebook

                            • Open a Notebook
                            • The New Notebook Option
                            • The Notebook Properties Dialog Box
                            • Restoring Notebook Backups
                            • Activity: Creating a Notebook

                            TOPIC C: Use Predesigned Templates for OneNote Notebooks

                            • OneNote Templates
                            • Using Predesigned Templates
                            • Creating Page Templates
                            • Activity: Using Predesigned Templates

                            TOPIC D: Customize the User Interface

                            • The OneNote Options Dialog Box
                            • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar Using the OneNote Options Dialog Box
                            • Add a Command or Group from the Ribbon to the Quick Access Toolbar
                            • Add a Command to the Quick Access Toolbar Using the Customize the Quick Access Toolbar Menu
                            • Minimize the Ribbon
                            • Create a Ribbon Tab and a Group with Commands
                            • Docked Windows and Views
                            • Activity: Customizing the User Interface within OneNote
                            • Summary

                            Lesson 3. Finalizing a Notebook

                            TOPIC A: Finalize a Notebook Using Proofing and Print Settings

                            • The Spell Checker
                            • Research Options
                            • Language Options
                            • The Page Setup Group
                            • The Print Preview and Settings Dialog Box
                            • Activity: Proofing Your Notebook and Setting Up Pages for Printing

                            TOPIC B: Configure Notebook Properties and Security

                            • Password Protecting a Section
                            • Notebook Properties
                            • Activity: Configuring Notebook Properties and Security

                            TOPIC C: Search Notebooks

                            • The Search Option
                            • The Text Recognition Feature
                            • Audio Search
                            • Activity: Searching Notes
                            • Summary
                            • Review Questions
                            • Review Questions - Answers
                            • Lesson Lab 6-1
                            • Course Completion

                            Lesson 4. Managing OneNote Notebooks, History, and Backups

                            TOPIC A: Save and Export Content and Use Alternate File Types

                            • Opening Older OneNote Notebooks
                            • Alternate File Types
                            • Page and Section Export
                            • Notebook Export
                            • Activity: Exporting a Notebook

                            TOPIC B: Manage Notebook Recycle Bins and Backups

                            • The Notebook Recycle Bin
                            • Notebook History and Page Versions
                            • Notebook Backups
                            • Activity: Using the Recycle Bin and Exploring the Backup Feature
                            • Summary
                            • Review Questions
                            • Review Questions - Answers
                            • Lesson Lab 3-1
                            • Course Completion

                            Lesson 5. Sharing and Collaborating with Notebooks

                            TOPIC A: Send a Notebook and Use Outlook Integration

                            • Sending Notes to Yourself
                            • Sending OneNote Pages
                            • Blog Integration
                            • Outlook Integration
                            • Activity: Sending a Notebook in Different Formats Using Outlook

                            TOPIC B: Share and Collaborate on Notebooks

                            • Microsoft OneDrive
                            • Collaboration Settings
                            • Edit Notes in a Shared Notebook
                            • Synchronize Changes
                            • Use OneNote on Other Devices
                            • Activity: Sharing and Collaborating with Notebooks
                            • Summary
                            • Review Questions
                            • Review Questions - Answers
                            • Lesson Lab 5-1
                            • Course Completion

                            Lesson 6. Working with Embedded Files

                            TOPIC A: Work with Excel Spreadsheets and Visio Diagrams

                            • Excel Spreadsheets in OneNote
                            • Visio Diagrams in OneNote
                            • Activity: Working with Excel Spreadsheets and Visio Diagrams

                            TOPIC B: Work with Embedded Files

                            • Embedded Files
                            • Print to OneNote
                            • Activity: Working with Embedded Files
                            • Summarys
                            • Lesson Lab 4-1
                            • Course Completion