Microsoft Sway - eBSI Export Academy
Microsoft Sway - eBSI Export Academy
Microsoft Sway - eBSI Export Academy


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Microsoft Sway

eBSI Export Academy
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Sway is Microsoft’s cloud-based storytelling and presentation application. Accessible via Office 365 as well as Windows, iOS, and Android apps, Microsoft Sway allows users to integrate text, media, and online elements to create a web-based presentation that is accessible on any device.

In this Microsoft Sway course, topics covered include:

  • Launching Sway
  • Creating a new Sway project
  • Creating and managing cards
  • Managing, editing, and sharing Sway projects
  • Formatting text
  • Adding media to a Sway project
  • Working with images and customizing image display
  • Setting design options
  • Setting Sway project options

            Course Topics:

            Lesson 1: Getting Started with Sway

            TOPIC A: Launch Sway

            • What is Sway?
            • Starting Sway
            • Viewing Featured Sway Projects
            • Navigating a Sway Project
            • Activity 1-1: Launch Sway

            TOPIC B: Create a New Sway Project

            • Creating a Blank Sway Project
            • Creating a Project From a Topic
            • Creating a Project From a Template
            • Creating a Project From a Document
            • Interface Overview
            • Activity 1-2: Create a New Sway Project

            TOPIC C: Create Cards

            • About the Title Card
            • Creating a Card
            • Adding Images to a Card
            • Setting Card Emphasis
            • Activity 1-3: Create Cards

            TOPIC D: Manage Cards

            • Editing a Card
            • Selecting Cards
            • Grouping Cards
            • Moving a Card
            • Deleting a Card
            • Activity 1-4: Manage Cards

            TOPIC E: Manage Sway Projects

            • Saving a Project
            • Editing a Project
            • Searching a Project
            • Playing a Sway Project
            • Sway and Responsive Design
            • Activity 1-5: Manage Sway Projects
            • Summary
            • Review Questions

            Lesson 2: Work with Text and Images

            TOPIC A: Format Text

            • Creating Headings
            • Adding Emphasis and Accents
            • Creating Lists
            • Adding Links
            • Activity 2-1: Format Text

            TOPIC B: Add Media

            • Creating a Video Card
            • Adding a YouTube Video
            • Adding Audio
            • Adding a File
            • Embedding Other Objects
            • Activity 2-2: Add Media
            • Summary
            • Review Questions

            Lesson 3: Graphics and Design

            TOPIC A: Work with Images

            • Adding Backgrounds
            • Setting Image Focus Points
            • Adding a Caption and Alternative Text
            • Activity 3-1: Work with Images

            TOPIC B: Customize Image Display

            • Creating a Stack Group
            • Creating a Comparison Group
            • Creating a Slideshow Group
            • Creating a Photo Grid
            • Activity 3-2: Customize Image Display

            TOPIC C: Set Design Options

            • Choosing a Style
            • Choosing a Design
            • Using Remix
            • Customizing Styles
            • Activity 3-3: Set Design Options
            • Summary
            • Review Questions

            Lesson 4: Working with a Sway Project

            TOPIC A: Edit Sway Projects

            • Viewing Projects
            • Duplicating a Project
            • Deleting a Project
            • Viewing and Managing Deleted Projects
            • Activity 4-1: Edit Sway Projects

            TOPIC B: Share a Sway Project

            • Creating a Quick Link
            • Sharing Your Project with Other Users
            • Inviting Others to Edit Your Project
            • Sharing Your Project on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter
            • Creating a Visual Link
            • Setting Advanced Sharing Options
            • Activity 4-2: Share a Sway Project

            TOPIC C: Set Sway Project Options

            • Changing Sway Project Settings
            • Using Accessibility Tools
            • Saving a Sway Project as a Template
            • Printing a Sway Project
            • Exporting a Sway Project
            • Activity 4-3: Set Sway Project Options
            • Summary
            • Review Questions