Microsoft 365 Teams - eBSI Export Academy
Microsoft 365 Teams - eBSI Export Academy
Microsoft 365 Teams - eBSI Export Academy


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Microsoft 365 Teams

eBSI Export Academy
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Microsoft 365 Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool for the office that gives groups the ability to communicate and collaborate in a cohesive way.

This course is intended to help all users get started with Teams, use messages and channels, communicate in different ways, and customize Teams settings. By the end of this course, users should be comfortable using the Teams app in their day-to-day workflow.

Course participants will learn how to:

  • use the Teams interface
  • communicate using channels
  • use other communication tools such as chat
  • audio and video calls, how to customize channels
  • how to manage the Teams profile
  • how to add bots and apps

                                                                    Course Topics:

                                                                    Lesson 1: Getting Started

                                                                    TOPIC A: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

                                                                    • What is Microsoft Teams?
                                                                    • Accessing Microsoft Teams
                                                                    • The Microsoft Teams Interface
                                                                    • Creating a New Team
                                                                    • Adding Members to Your Team
                                                                    • Changing Teams
                                                                    • Leaving a Team
                                                                    • Using Microsoft Teams Mobile Apps
                                                                    • Activity 1-1: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

                                                                    TOPIC B: Using Channels

                                                                    • About Channels
                                                                    • Viewing Channels
                                                                    • Creating a Channel
                                                                    • Pinning a Channel
                                                                    • Modifying Channel Notifications
                                                                    • Activity 1-2: Using Channels

                                                                    TOPIC C: Posting Messages

                                                                    • Posting a Message
                                                                    • Expanding the Compose Box
                                                                    • Editing a Message
                                                                    • Replying to a Message
                                                                    • Adding Files to a Message
                                                                    • Deleting a Message
                                                                    • Activity 1-3: Posting Messages

                                                                    TOPIC D: Getting Help with Microsoft Teams

                                                                    • Using the Help Center
                                                                    • Viewing New Features
                                                                    • Viewing Keyboard Shortcuts
                                                                    • Using Slash Commands
                                                                    • Activity 1-4: Getting Help with Microsoft Teams
                                                                    • Summary
                                                                    • Review Questions

                                                                    Lesson 2: Communicating in Channels

                                                                    TOPIC A: Managing Messages

                                                                    • Identifying New Messages
                                                                    • Marking Messages as Read and Unread
                                                                    • Reacting to a Message
                                                                    • Saving a Message
                                                                    • Activity 2-1: Managing Messages

                                                                    TOPIC B: Doing More with Messages

                                                                    • Using Mentions
                                                                    • Using Announcements
                                                                    • Viewing Your Activity
                                                                    • Searching in Teams
                                                                    • Activity 2-2: Doing More with Messages

                                                                    TOPIC C: Managing Files in a Channel

                                                                    • Viewing Posted Files
                                                                    • Creating a New File
                                                                    • Uploading a File
                                                                    • Managing Files
                                                                    • Moving Files
                                                                    • Adding Cloud Storage
                                                                    • Activity 2-3: Managing Files in a Channel

                                                                    TOPIC D: Using the Wiki

                                                                    • Viewing the Wiki
                                                                    • Creating Wiki Content
                                                                    • Creating Sections and Pages
                                                                    • Navigating Through the Wiki
                                                                    • Accessing Section Options
                                                                    • Accessing Page Options
                                                                    • Activity 2-4: Using the Wiki
                                                                    • Summary
                                                                    • Review Questions

                                                                    Lesson 3: Using Other Communication Tools

                                                                    TOPIC A: Using Chat

                                                                    • Starting a Chat
                                                                    • Replying to a Chat Message
                                                                    • Continuing a Chat
                                                                    • Adding Other Users to the Chat
                                                                    • Using Chat Message Features
                                                                    • Overview of Chat Tabs
                                                                    • Managing Chats
                                                                    • Activity 3-1: Using Chat

                                                                    TOPIC B: Making Audio and Video Calls

                                                                    • Using the Calls Tab
                                                                    • Adding Contacts
                                                                    • Starting an Audio Call
                                                                    • Starting Audio or Video Calls from a Chat Message
                                                                    • Video Calls
                                                                    • Screen Sharing
                                                                    • Activity 3-2: Making Audio and Video Calls

                                                                    TOPIC C: Managing Meetings Using the Teams Calendar

                                                                    • Using the Calendar Tab
                                                                    • Scheduling a Meeting
                                                                    • Scheduling a Meeting from a Chat Message
                                                                    • Editing a Meeting
                                                                    • Joining a Meeting
                                                                    • Cancelling a Meeting
                                                                    • Activity 3-3: Managing Meetings

                                                                    TOPIC D: Managing Files in Teams

                                                                    • Using the Files Tab in Teams
                                                                    • Viewing Files
                                                                    • Managing Files
                                                                    • Adding and Managing Cloud Storage
                                                                    • Activity 3-4: Managing Files in Teams
                                                                    • Summary
                                                                    • Review Questions

                                                                    Lesson 4: Customizing Channels

                                                                    TOPIC A: Customizing Channels

                                                                    • Renaming a Channel
                                                                    • Accessing the Channel Email Address and Link
                                                                    • Accessing the Team’s SharePoint Page
                                                                    • Deleting a Channel
                                                                    • Activity 4-1: Customizing Channels

                                                                    TOPIC B: Adding Tabs to a Channel

                                                                    • Adding a Tab
                                                                    • Using Tab Conversations
                                                                    • Renaming a Tab
                                                                    • Removing a Tab
                                                                    • Activity 4-2: Adding Tabs to a Channel

                                                                    TOPIC C: Adding Connectors to a Channel

                                                                    • Adding a Connector
                                                                    • Changing Connector Settings
                                                                    • Changing Connector Accounts
                                                                    • Removing a Connector
                                                                    • Activity 4-3: Adding Connectors to a Channel
                                                                    • Summary
                                                                    • Review Questions

                                                                    Lesson 5: Customizing your Teams Experience

                                                                    TOPIC A: Managing Your Teams Profile

                                                                    • Updating Your Profile Picture
                                                                    • Changing Your Status
                                                                    • Changing Your Teams Settings
                                                                    • Logging Out of Teams
                                                                    • Activity 5-1: Managing Your Teams Profile

                                                                    TOPIC B: Managing Teams

                                                                    • Editing the Team
                                                                    • Accessing Advanced Team Settings
                                                                    • Managing Team Members
                                                                    • Managing Channels
                                                                    • Managing Settings
                                                                    • Managing Analytics
                                                                    • Managing Apps
                                                                    • Deleting the Team
                                                                    • Activity 5-2: Managing Teams

                                                                    TOPIC C: Adding Apps and Bots

                                                                    • Opening the App Store
                                                                    • Installing an App
                                                                    • Using Apps
                                                                    • Managing Apps
                                                                    • Removing Apps
                                                                    • Using Bots
                                                                    • Activity 5-3: Adding Apps and Bots
                                                                    • Summary
                                                                    • Review Questions