Disability Awareness - eBSI Export Academy
Disability Awareness - eBSI Export Academy
Disability Awareness - eBSI Export Academy
Disability Awareness - eBSI Export Academy
Disability Awareness - eBSI Export Academy


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Disability Awareness

Bankers Academy
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Course Outline:

Seat Time: 2hrs 

This course will introduce the learner to stereotypes. The course will explain the various misconceptions, labels, and diversity issues that exist within the workplace. Upon successful completion of the course, the learner will have a solid understanding of the following:

  • Making accommodations.
  • Communication.
  • Encouraging diversity through hiring and STOP.


Course Topics:

T1. Introduction to Disability Awareness: This topic will provide the World Health Organization's (WHO) definition of disability, and the WHO's statistics regarding disability rates.

T2. Stereotypes and Misconceptions: This topic will introduce stereotypes and explain why they can be roadblocks to attaining effective diversity, problematic categories, and misconceptions regarding disabilities.

T3. Labels: This topic will provide an overview of the dangers of categorizing disabled employees in order to organize information, strategies for maintaining workplace-appropriate language, and tips for ensuring that people with disabilities feel included and respected in the workplace.

T4. Accessibility of Facilities: This topic will provide an overview of the importance of accessibility regarding parking, ramps, doorways, restrooms, and tips for avoiding patronizing behavior toward disabled employees.

T5. Workplace Diversity: This topic will provide an overview on the key aspects of diversity, effective ways to fight stereotypes, the importance of understanding why a person acts a certain way in order to build an effective relationship, and learning to accept the values and behaviors of others.

T6. Encourage Diversity through Hiring and STOP: This topic will provide an overview of proper questions that employers are permitted to ask candidates during job interviews, examples of non-discriminatory interview questions, and the "STOP" method for addressing diversity issues.

T7. Communication and Consent: This topic provides an overview of the importance of communicating effectively in order to promote disability and diversity, the importance of confidence and propriety when speaking with employees or prospective employees regarding their medical histories, handling sensitive issues with care, and asking the right questions.

T8. Making Accommodations: This topic provides tips on feeling more comfortable during conversations, how to inquire about an individual's functions, specific types of questions asked to ascertain which job functions can be successfully completed by employees, considerations regarding making accommodations, and the importance of job shadowing.