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Story Marketing for Small Businesses

eBSI Export Academy
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Story marketing is the process of attracting and engaging customers through narrative – their story, rather than yours. Instead of the ‘buy our product’ messages of typical marketing campaigns, story marketing motivates the customer to connect with your company as a solution to their problem or a way to a better life.

This course highlights the essentials for your small business: how to write and refine your own tale for marketing to your target audience.

This Course will  teach participants how to recognize and use the essential tools of story marketing; the basics of good storytelling; ways to connect with customers; how to refine the company brand; and how to build and polish your story for maximum results.

                                                      Course Topics:

                                                      Session 1: Course Overview

                                                      • Learning Objectives

                                                      Session 2: Story Marketing Toolkit

                                                      • Which Came First: The Chicken or The Egg?
                                                      • Your Inspiration
                                                      • Your Toolkit
                                                      • Toolbox Inventory Activity

                                                      Session 3: Storytelling Essentials

                                                      • What Exactly is a Story?
                                                      • Ingredients of a Good Story
                                                      • Identifying a Hero, Challenge, and Resolution
                                                      • Story for Your Brand
                                                      • Setting Goals
                                                      • The Truth Test
                                                      • Positive vs. Negative

                                                      Session 4: Connecting with Customers

                                                      • Connecting with Customers
                                                      • Understanding Your Customers
                                                      • Brainstorming

                                                      Session 5: Refining Your Brand

                                                      • Refining Your Brand
                                                      • Understanding Your Company
                                                      • Inventory of Key company Facts
                                                      • Identifying Your Message
                                                      • Keywords
                                                      • Strengthening Your Brand
                                                      • Taking Stock

                                                      Session 6: Building Your Story

                                                      • Show and Tell
                                                      • Parts of Your Story
                                                      • Heroes and Villains
                                                      • Plan for Success
                                                      • Your Story Board
                                                      • Writing Your Story
                                                      • Getting Started
                                                      • Rough Draft

                                                      Session 7: Polishing Your Story

                                                      • Measuring Social Media, Part One
                                                      • Measuring Social Media, Part Two
                                                      • Your CRM

                                                      Session 8: Keep Going Forward

                                                      • Polishing a Rough Draft
                                                      • Color Commentary
                                                      • Adding Color
                                                      • The Editing Process
                                                      • Editing Checks
                                                      • Peer Review
                                                                                                                            Story Marketing for Small Businesses - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                            Story Marketing for Small Businesses - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                            Story Marketing for Small Businesses - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                            Story Marketing for Small Businesses

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