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Growth Hacking

eBSI Export Academy
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The term “growth hacker” was created by Sean Ellis in 2010. He used the phrase in a blog post seeking people to take over the rapid-growth systems he was creating for start-up companies. The first step in successful growth hacking is accepting that it is not marketing. It has a mindset, processes, skills and systems of its own.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Identify the growth hacking mindset
  • Recognize the differences between growth hacking and marketing
  • Identify the customer need your business can fill
  • Create and implement product placement and services to fit the need
  • Learn and practice techniques
  • Review and practice marketing strategies
  • Identify the essentials of conversion and optimization
  • Create your own plan

                                Course Topics:

                                Session One: Course Overview

                                • Course Overview
                                • Learning Objectives

                                Session Two: Learning the Mindset

                                • Growth Hacking Defined
                                • Mantras of a Growth Hacker
                                • Making Connections: A Growth Recipe

                                Session Three: Framing the Need

                                • The Relationship
                                • Understanding Your Customers
                                • Making Connections: Who, What, How
                                • Product Market Fit (PMF)
                                • Making Connections: What Do You Know?
                                • Understanding Your Company
                                • Making Connections: Inviting and Using Feedback

                                Session Four: Making the Match

                                • Making the Match in Growth Hacking
                                • Relationships Reviewed
                                • Making Connections: Get the FAQs
                                • Building an Effective Audience
                                • Making Connections: An Enduring Outlook
                                • Elements of Negotiation
                                • Social and Emotional Intelligence
                                • Making Connections: Positive Outcome
                                • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
                                • Making Connections: Your USP

                                Session Five: Going Live

                                • Process Steps
                                • Making Connections: Workplan Development
                                • Reaching Customers
                                • Making Connections: Making it Look Good
                                • Making Connections: Getting Noticed
                                • Creating a Project Plan
                                • Making Connections: Creating a Plan for Success
                                • Your Growth Hacking Outline

                                Session Six: Maximizing Results

                                • The Path to Growth Hacking Success
                                • Defining Success
                                • Learning to Experiment
                                • Making Connections: A Trial

                                Session Seven: Optimizing and Moving Forward

                                • Optimizing
                                • Ingredients for Optimization
                                • Examining your Ingredients
                                • Making Connections: Task Check
                                • Resources and Inspiration
                                • Searching for More Information Activity
                                • Personal Action Plan
                                • Course Summary
                                                                                                                    Growth Hacking - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                    Growth Hacking - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                    Growth Hacking - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                                                    Growth Hacking

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