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Google Analytics

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Google Analytics

Objectives: This course teaches you an effective marketing solution that helps you track your website traffic and measure your return on investment using Google Analytics.

Completing this course will confer 2 CPD Credits towards internationally recognised Continuous Professional Development Requirements within organisations operating this kind of staff development methodology.


Unit Contents:

1. Google Analytics Basics
In this topic you will cover:
1. Google Analytics Basics
1.1 Pre Sell
1.2 Overview
1.3 Navigation And Admin
1.4 Creating a New Google Analytics Account
1.5 Website Account Creation
1.6 Connecting To WordPress Website
1.7 Connecting To HTML Site
1.8 Connect Custom Page and Site Builders
1.9 Setting Up Annotations
1.10 Setting Up Intelligence Events
1.11 Set Up Custom Segments
1.12 Export Data For Analysis
1.13 Set Up Custom Reports
1.14 Set Up Google Integrations
1.15 Google Analytics Templates
1.16 Real Time Reporting
1.17 Setting Up Goals
1.18 Third Party Integrations
1.19 Audience Menu Overview
1.20 Interests and Geography
1.21 Conclusion

2. Google Analytics Advanced
In this topic you will cover:
2. Google Analytics Advanced
2.1 Overview
2.2 Data Metrics 1
2.3 Data Metrics 2
2.4 Digital Product Website
2.5 Squeeze Page Set Up 1
2.6 Squeeze Page Set Up 2
2.7 Split Test of Squeeze Page 1
2.8 Split Test of Squeeze Page 2
2.9 Sales Page Set Up 1
2.10 Sales Page Set Up 2
2.11 Spit Test of Sales Page 1
2.12 Spit Test of Sales Page 2
2.13 Upsell Page Set Up 1
2.14 Upsell Page Set Up 2
2.15 Success Page Set Up 1
2.16 Success Page Set Up 2
2.17 Basic Reports
2.18 Advanced Reports
2.19 Report Automation
2.20 Conclusion

Google Analytics - eBSI Export Academy
Google Analytics - eBSI Export Academy
Google Analytics - eBSI Export Academy
Google Analytics - eBSI Export Academy

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