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A great way to build your brand online is by hosting events with Meetup.

Being able to connect with people on a personal level is always a concern of any business. It’s difficult when you’re a business which has many customers.

How do you hold events with customers all over the world and still offer a high level of personalization?

You do it using Meetup. It brings crowds of people together over the internet.

That means people from all over the globe can attend your meetings and you don’t have to go anywhere.

It all happens over the world wide web, and every attendee feels like they’re right there alongside everyone else.

Nothing can connect a brand with consumers as video has.

The bonus of Meetup is that you’re hosting a live event.

The end user gets to watch live as it all happens.

There is a sense of technological marvel when a person views a live stream of something that’s happening at the moment.

It gives you the ability to connect with the individual on a much more personal level.

The value in this is that you now have the chance to create a personal relationship with the customer that didn’t exist before.

Studies have shown that people who feel a bond with a company tend to be more loyal to the brand.


Course Outline


This course is made up of 40 short but impactful video lessons over two modules:

Module 1

Meetups Basic

Video 1  - Introduction
Video 2 - Pricing
Video 3 - Profile
Video 4 - Profile Settings - Part 1
Video 5 - Profile Settings - Part 2
Video 6 - Mobile Application
Video 7 - Starting A New Meetup Group
Video 8 - Graphics for Your Meetup
Video 9 - Your Meetup Description
Video 10 - Leadership Roles
Video 11 - Member Management
Video 12 - Content - Photos and Discussions
Video 13 - Mailing Lists
Video 14 - Polls
Video 15 - Adding Group Pages
Video 16 - Group Settings and Preferences - Part 1
Video 17 - Group Settings and Preferences - Part 2
Video 18 - Members and User Groups
Video 19 - Creating Events
Video 20 - Conclusion

Meetups Advanced

Video 1 - Introduction
Video 2 - Connection To Social Media
Video 3 - Meetup Group Newsfeed
Video 4 - Zapier Integrations and Twitter
Video 5 - Meetup and Eventbrite
Video 6 - Caution about Zapier and Meetup - Autoresponders
Video 7 - Workaround for Meetup - Autoresponders - Zapier
Video 8 - Meetup and LinkedIn
Video 9 - Meetup and WordPress
Video 10 - Meetup and Pinterest
Video 11 - Meetup and Facebook Groups
Video 12 - Meetup and Facebook Pages
Video 13 - Meetup and Online Meetings
Video 14 - Member Dues
Video 15 - Meetup Contributions
Video 16 - Meetup Sponsors
Video 17 - Meetup Offline Promotion
Video 18 - Meetup Online Promotion
Video 19 - Meetup Internal Promotion
Video 20 - Conclusion

Events with Meetup - eBSI Export Academy
Events with Meetup - eBSI Export Academy
Events with Meetup - eBSI Export Academy
Events with Meetup - eBSI Export Academy
Events with Meetup - eBSI Export Academy
Events with Meetup - eBSI Export Academy

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