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E-Commerce Management

eBSI Export Academy
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E-commerce is growing by double-digit percentages every year. Teach participants how to cash in on this developing market using the tips and tricks in this two-day e-commerce management program.

During this course, students will learn how to set up an e-commerce store step-by-step. Participants will also learn about exciting trends such as responsive web design, m-commerce, and social commerce. Students will be motivated by case studies and examples from real-life e-commerce businesses such as Amazon and Wal-Mart.

                            Course Topics

                            Session One: Course Overview

                            Session Two: Getting to Know E-Commerce

                            • What is E-Commerce?
                            • The Six Models
                            • The Language of E-Commerce

                            Session Three: E-Commerce Building Blocks

                            • What’s Your Goal?
                            • The E-Commerce Business Plan
                            • Making Connections

                            Session Four: Software Options and Solutions

                            • Looking at the Options
                            • Test Driving

                            Session Five: Building Your Online Store

                            • Your Internet Address
                            • Navigating Through Your Site
                            • Building Effective Product Pages
                            • Shopping Cart Features
                            • Optimizing the Checkout Process
                            • Additional Site Elements
                            • Pre-Assignment Review

                            Session Six: The Finishing Touches

                            • Testing, Launching, and Updating
                            • Making Connections

                            Session Seven: Creating an Engaging User Experience

                            • Designing Engaging Web Content
                            • Building Relationships
                            • Making Connections

                            Session Eight: Transaction Management

                            Session Nine: M-Commerce

                            Session Ten: E-Commerce Analytics

                            • Key Metrics
                            • Tools to Track Data
                            • Making Connections

                            Session Eleven: Supporting Your E-Commerce Business

                            • Making Connections

                            Session Twelve: Marketing Your E-Commerce Business

                            • Creating a Marketing Plan
                            • Essential E-Commerce Marketing Channels
                            • Marketing with Social Media
                            • Making Connections
                            • Creating Promotions that Make You Money

                            Session Thirteen: Security and Fraud Awareness

                            • Protecting Your Customers and Your Business
                            • Intellectual Property on the Internet

                            Session Fourteen: Rules and Regulations

                            • Trade Rules and Regulations
                            • Privacy Regulations
                            • Making Connections
                            • Recommended Reading List
                            • Personal Action Plan
                                                                                              E-Commerce Management - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                              E-Commerce Management - eBSI Export Academy
                                                                                              E-Commerce Management - eBSI Export Academy

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