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eBSI Export Academy are proud to bring to you a new subscription service for those who need access to affordable training for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) purposes!

This new subscription model offers you our entire catalog of online CPD Accredited courses (currently more than 500 courses offering over 1000 hours of online training).  We continue to add to our training catalog with one new course added every week.

This is an Annual Subscription.  Our multi-course programmes are not included in the subscription but the courses comprising them are... so you can get the CPD Certificates of every individual course we have if you wish!  If you complete the required course components of one of our program you can pay a balancing fee to have the programme certificate issued to you in paper format.

Course topics can be seen in the tabs below covering :

  • Export Marketing
  • International Trade
  • Logistics and SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  • Trade Finance
  • Personal Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Administrative Skills
  • Career Development
  • Health and Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Management and Leadership
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Workplace Essentials
  • MS Office Skills

Continuous Professional Development is the most convenient way of fitting in career development as our short online courses are designed to fit into your busy lifestyle and to meet the requirements of International Continuous Education, Continuous Development and similar work centred learning around the world.  With so many categories of courses, you are sure to find something of interest!

The only thing not included in our CPD Subscriptions are our long programs comprising multiple courses which are focused on career development and offer industry standard qualifications such as our suite of Professional Certificate Programs including our highly popular and globally recognised International Trade Specialist Program and Finance of International Trade Certificate.

Take a look at the courses available in the tabs below.  If you were to purchase all at full price it would amount to over EUR 16,000 worth of online learning!


Export Marketing

Here are the CPD Courses available in the area of Export Marketing

Trade Show Staff Training
Introduction to Exporting
Introduction to International Marketing
Intercultural Management
Country Image
International Pricing Policy
International Product Policy
International Distribution Policy
International Promotion Policy
International Market Research


International Trade

Here are the CPD Courses available in the area of International Trade

Introduction to International Trade
Export Packaging
Export Documentation
Customs Procedures
Importing into the EU
International Contracts
Incoterms 2010/2020


Logistics and SCM

Here are the CPD Courses available in the area of Logistics and SCM

Lean Process and Six Sigma
Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Introduction to Supply Chain Management
International Transport & Logistics
Marine Transport
International Modes of Transport


Trade Finance

Here are the CPD Courses available in the area of Trade Finance

Understanding Trade Based Money Laundering
Introduction to Banking
Trade Finance Compliance 2
Trade Finance Compliance 1
Fraud Prevention - Other Trade Finance Products
Export and Import Collections
Letters of Credit Essentials
Letters of Credit Advanced
Bonds & Guarantees
Short and Medium Term Finance
Introduction to International Trade Payments
Factoring Fundamentals
Export Credit Agency Finance
Structured Commodity Trade Finance
Trade Finance Fraud Prevention



Personal Development

Here are the CPD Courses available in the area of Personal Development

Goal Setting
Overcome Excuses
Time Management Hacks
Wired for Success
Success Habits
Personal Transformation Mastery
Mind Power
Stress Management
Life Coaching Essentials
Work-Life Balance
Time Management
Taking Initiative
Social Learning
Social Intelligence
Personal Productivity
Personal Branding
Managing Workplace Anxiety
Managing Personal Finances
Increasing Your Happiness
Improving Self-Awareness
Improving Mindfulness
Goal Setting and Getting Things Done
Emotional Intelligence
Critical Thinking
Adult Learning - Physical Skills
Adult Learning - Mental Skills
Attention Management
Assertiveness And Self-Confidence
Anger Management



Administrative Skills

Here are the CPD Courses available in the area of Administrative Skills

Using Dragon
Bookkeeping with Quicken
Work Smarter With Evernote
Accountability in the Workplace
GDPR Essentials
Organizational Skills
Meeting Management
Executive and Personal Assistants
Collaborative Business Writing
Budgets and Financial Analysis
Basic Bookkeeping
Archiving and Records Management
Administrative Support
Administrative Office Procedures
Business Writing


Career Development

Here are the CPD Courses available in the area of Career Development

Project Management - PMBOK 6th Edition
Telework And Telecommuting
The Cloud in Business
Women in Leadership
Project Management
Job Search Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Developing Creativity
Creative Problem Solving
Communication Strategies
Soft Skills You Need
Negotiating Skills


Digital Marketing 

Here are the CPD Courses available in the area of Digital Marketing

Telegram Marketing
Building Websites with WIX
Wordpress Master
Wordpress Expert
Wordpress Basics
WordPress Advanced
Wordpress Essentials
Web Host Manager (WHM) Essentials
Wordpress Web Biz Security
Facebook Promotion
Your ECommerce Store
Viral Marketing Essentials
Video Blog Essentials
Video Ads Essentials
Online Business Systemization
Video Marketing Essentials
Online Ads Essentials
Using Amazon S3
Using Zapier
Be Heard - PR on the Internet
Amazon Marketing
Graphic Design with Canva, Photoshop and GIMP
Webinar and Podcast Marketing
Virtual Summits
Selling with Etsy
YouTube Ads
Internet Coaching
Kindle Marketing
The Productive Solopreneur
Instagram Stories
Instagram Ads
Snapchat Marketing
FBA Profit Mastery
Google My Business
Online Meetings with Zoom
Google Smart Ads
Facebook Live Marketing
Using GotoWebinar
Google Analytics
Fulfillment by Amazon
Facebook Chatbot Secrets
Engage with Hootsuite
Better Inboxing with Sendgrid
Using Cpanel
Design and Enhance with Photoshop
Bing Ads
Cryptocurrency Essentials
LinkedIn Ads
Business Automation
Accepting Payments with Stripe
Customer Support with Zendesk
Shopify Essentials
Alibaba Essentials
Local Marketing
CPA Marketing
Graphics Creation
HTML for Internet Marketers
Amazon Marketplace
Video Production
Traffic Generation
Teespring Essentials
Sales Funnel Development
Product Launches
Lead Generation
Conversion Strategies
Digital Brand Management
Whatsapp Marketing
Tumblr Marketing
Blog Marketing
Youtube Marketing Advanced
Youtube Marketing Essentials
Business Development on LinkedIn
Continuity Memberships and Communities
Social Media Management
Wordpress Expert - Using the Gutenburg Editor
Wordpress Essentials
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing
Periscope Marketing
Pintrest Marketing
Instagram Marketing
Digital Arbitrage - Advertising
Digital Arbitrage - Products
Creating a Great Webinar
Social Media Marketing
Social Media In The Workplace
Internet Marketing Fundamentals
Digital Citizenship
Cyber Security
Networking with WebPort Global
Video Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Social Bookmarking
Affiliate Marketing
Media Buying
eMail Marketing
Twitter Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing
Google Marketing
Facebook Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Introduction to e-Business and Internet Marketing



Health and Safety

Here are the CPD Courses available in the area of Health and Safety

Office Health and Safety
Universal Safety Practices
Safety in the Workplace
Risk Assessment and Management
Health and Wellness at Work


Human Resources

Here are the CPD Courses available in the area of Human Resources

Respect in the Workplace
Managing Workplace Harassment
Diversity and Inclusion
Workplace Violence
Workplace Harassment
Workplace Diversity
Talent Management
mLearning Essentials
Millennial Onboarding
Measuring Results From Training
Knowledge Management
Human Resource Management
Hiring Strategies
Generation Gaps
Facilitation Skills
Employee Termination Processes
Employee Recruitment
Employee Onboarding
Developing a Lunch and Learn
Crisis Management
Contract Management
Conducting Annual Employee Reviews
Business Succession Planning



Management and Leadership

Here are the CPD Courses available in the area of Management and Leadership

Leadership and Influence
Team Building Through Chemistry
Virtual Team Building And Management
Teamwork And Team Building
Team Building For Managers
Supervising Others
Performance Management
Office Politics For Managers
Middle Manager
Manager Management
Coaching and Mentoring
Being a Likeable Boss
Developing New Managers


Sales and Marketing

Here are the CPD Courses available in the area of Sales and Marketing

Servant Leadership
Presentation Skills
Media and Public Relations
Top 10 Sales Secrets
Telephone Etiquette
Sales Fundamentals
Public Speaking
Prospecting and Lead Generation
Proposal Writing
Overcoming Sales Objections
Multi-Level Marketing
Motivating Your Sales Team
Marketing Basics
In Person Sales
High Performance Teams - Remote Workforce
High Performance Teams Inside the Company
Event Planning
Employee Recognition
Employee Motivation
Contact Center Training
Coaching Salespeople
Call Center Sales Training
Body Language Basics


Workplace Essentials

Here are the CPD Courses available in the area of Workplace Essentials

Ethics - Code of Conduct
Networking Outside the Company
Networking Within the Company
Handling a Difficult Customer
Developing Corporate Behavior
Customer Support
Customer Service
Delivering Constructive Criticism
Civility in the Workplace
Change Management
Business Etiquette
Business Ethics
Business Acumen
Appreciative Inquiry
Conflict Resolution


MS Office Skills

Here are the CPD Courses available in the area of MS Office Skills

Writing Better with Word
Using Office 365
Creating Reports in Excel
Getting Started with Windows 10
Windows 10 Advanced
Windows 10 End User On-Boarding
PowerPoint 2016 Advanced
Outlook 2016 Advanced
Excel 2016 Macros and VBA
Excel 2016 Master
Access 2016 Expert
Access 2016 Advanced
Excel 2016 Advanced
Visio 2016 Advanced
Visio 2016 Essentials
Publisher 2016 Advanced
Publisher 2016 Essentials
Project 2016 Expert
Project 2016 Advanced
Project 2016 Essentials
Office 365 Essentials
Word 365 Essentials
Sharepoint 365 Essentials
Powerpoint 365 Essentials
Outlook 365 Essentials
OneNote 365 Essentials
Excel 365 Essentials
Sharepoint Designer 2010 Essentials
Infopath 2010 Expert
Infopath 2010 Advanced
Visio 2010 Essentials
Infopath 2010 Essentials
Project 2010 Essentials
Visio 2010 Advanced
Project 2010 Expert
Project 2010 Advanced
Windows 8 Essentials
Windows 7 Essentials
Word 2013 Expert
Word 2013 Advanced
Word 2013 Essentials
Publisher 2013 Essentials
Publisher 2013 Advanced
Powerpoint 2013 Essentials
Powerpoint 2013 Advanced
Outlook 2013 Expert
Outlook 2013 Advanced
Outlook 2013 Essentials
OneNote 2013 Advanced
OneNote 2013 Essentials
Excel 2013 Essentials
Powerpoint 2013 Expert
Powerpoint 2013 Advanced
Excel 2013 Expert
Excel 2013 Advanced
Access 2013 Expert
Access 2013 Advanced
Access 2013 Essentials
Excel 2016 Expert
Word 2016 Expert
Outlook 2016 Essentials
Powerpoint 2016 Essentials
Excel 2016 Essentials
Access 2016 Essentials
Word 2016 Essentials


CPD Catalog Annual Subscription - eBSI Export Academy
CPD Catalog Annual Subscription - eBSI Export Academy
CPD Catalog Annual Subscription - eBSI Export Academy
CPD Catalog Annual Subscription - eBSI Export Academy
CPD Catalog Annual Subscription - eBSI Export Academy
CPD Catalog Annual Subscription - eBSI Export Academy
CPD Catalog Annual Subscription - eBSI Export Academy

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