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Collaboration involves people working together to produce a shared goal or result. Working collaboratively ensures greater success.

In order to be successful:

  • organizations must learn what collaboration entails and collaborative environment looks like,
  • gain an understanding of the advantages and obstacles,
  • and how to develop strategies to improve a collaborative work environment.

    Course Topics:

    Session One: Course Overview

    • Setting the Stage
    • Agenda Review
    • Learning Objectives
    • Action Plans and Evaluations

    Session Two: Being Collaborative

    • What is Collaboration?
    • Qualities of a Collaborator
    • Break

    Session Three: Elements of Successful Collaboration

    • Elements of Collaboration
    • Five Elements of a Successful Collaboration
    • Collaboration, Teamwork, Cooperation: What is the Difference?
    • How to Make Collaboration Work: 6 Predictable Stages
    • Morning Wrap-Up
    • Lunch
    • Energizer: What Did You Learn?

    Session Four: Benefits of Collaboration

    • What Are the Advantages of Collaboration
    • Collaborative Workspace
    • Corporate Culture of Collaboration
    • Features to Help Create a Collaborative Workspace
    • Break

    Session Five: Common Obstacles

    • Five Arguments Against Collaboration
    • Tips to Overcome Collaborative Obstacles:
    • Rewarding Team Collaboration

    Session Six: Technology and Collaboration

    • Implementing Technology to Facilitate Collaboration
    • Workshop Wrap-Up
                                Collaboration - eBSI Export Academy
                                Collaboration - eBSI Export Academy
                                Collaboration - eBSI Export Academy
                                Collaboration - eBSI Export Academy

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