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ICC Banking Commission Meeting in Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar
The ICC Banking Commission meeting held in Doha from 25 to 29 March 2012 was hosted by ICC Qatar and Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry and attracted participation from more than 400 delegates from 50 countries. The theme of the commission meeting „Reframing the future of Trade Finance‟ aims to encourage governments, regulatory bodies and G20 leaders to remove obstacles to trade finance and stimulate economic growth and job creation.
“SMEs could be the engine of economic growth if given better access to investment through new regulatory frameworks for trade finance,” said Kah Chye Tan, ICC Banking Commission Chair…The success of the Doha event can be attributed to the superb efforts invested by both ICC Paris and ICC Qatar in collaboration with the event sponsors, congratulations all!
Key issues for the G20
G20 leaders need to rapidly expand access to financial services, particularly in the developing world, so as to finance economic growth. Regulators, they said, should give SMEs greater opportunities by:
  • simplifying regulatory and bureaucratic requirements for setting up and doing business;
  • providing incentives that encourage the financial sector to lend to SMEs;
  • improving access of SMEs and innovative ventures to capital markets..
The banking experts recommended that regulation of trade finance be based on facts and an objective assessment of trade finance’s low risk, self-liquidating character.
Trade finance should receive a more favourable treatment under the financial regulations being considered in line with the Basel III framework, they said.
Classifying trade finance as a high-risk financial instrument, subject to higher capital adequacy requirements, could have a severe and adverse impact on the pricing and supply of trade finance.

ICC Market Intelligence Group
The ICC Market Intelligence Group, Chaired by Vincent O‟Brien, delivered a very informative presentation of the preliminary results of their latest Trade Finance Survey which will be published soon. A number of awards and prizes were also featured at the event including China Systems, International Bank of Qatar and others.

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