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Ebsi Presents At Intermodal Transport Conference In Pakistan

A two day conference dealing with trade facilitation through the application of best practice in intermodal transport and eCommerce was held in Lahore, Pakistan on the 29th and 30th of March 2004 at the Pearl Continental Hotel. eBSI and its strategic partners, China Systems sent a joint delegation to this important international event.

eBSI was represented by its First Director, Mr.Vincent O’Brien from Ireland and was joined by Mr. Masood Hussain from the Dubai office of China Systems. A panel of high profile speakers from 5 countries provided insights into the major developments and applications of technology to facilitate supply chain management.

Given the importance of trade finance instruments and the processing of international trade documents, the participants were very interested in the presentation from Vincent O’Brien which focused on a number of highly successful case studies where implementation of China Systems trade finance processing solutions have achieved measureable results in terms of speed of processing, risk management, data transmittal and retrival.

This presentation created a lot of debate among the participants. One subject of key interest to participants was the issues of customers having remote internet based customer access in connection with the issuing of Letters of Credit and Guarantees.

These questions were referred to Mr.Masood Hussain of China Systems who responded with definitive comments in terms of security, authentication of instructions and speed of processing.

A further question about management reports and customization and modifications of the systems interface was also addressed by Mr.Hussain who briefly but clearly outlined the functionality of the ‘Tool Kit’ which empowers the customer to undertake most of the customization and modification requirements within their own organisation.

According to Mr.Hussain ‘All of these elements have a direct impact on a bank’s bottom line which in turn has direct impact on the cost of services to the international trading community’.

Following the presentation from Mr.O’Brien, a logistics case study was delivered by Mr. Jean Kubler, Deputy Chief, Global Trade Solutions Branch, Trade & Development, United Nations ECE, Switzerland.

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